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A look back at the books I reviewed this year…

The Practice Boyfriend – Christina Benjamin

It feels like forever ago that I read this. I remember Aria wasn’t sleeping well and sitting in the dark cuddling her to sleep, and reading this on my Kindle.

Crown of Conspiracy– Kara S. Weaver

If you sign up to Kara’s newsletter, you get a free book – I know because it’s on my Kindle waiting for me to read. In addition, since reading book 1 in the series, two more titles have been released!

Trust Me -Maddie James

I’m pretty good at choosing books I love but I misjudged this one. I don’t often write negative reviews but this honestly wasn’t for me. Sorry.

Wiccan Romance: Amelia’s Story – Nicola Hebron

I was so lucky to win this sweet YA Fantasy. Since reading this book I’ve gotten to know Nicola better and she was even part of my Stream Team for the Ocean Heart book launch.

And The Stars Were Shining Brightly – Danielle Jawando

Oh my! This book moved me, changed me, made me think. The story was provoking tackling difficult topics like suicide and bullying. I read an eCopy but want a physical copy so I can hug it.

Mermaid School – Lucy Courtenay

This sweet MG Fantasy was a Net Galley ARC. I don’t read MG often but I couldn’t resist it being a mermaid story. The plot is about friendship and helping each other.

Sorceress of Truth – J D Groom

I’d been looking forward to this books release and it didn’t disappoint, qualifying it as an all time favourite. I’m now eager to read book 2 in the series, and can’t wait for its release. Gushing over this book and the merchandise I bought, was one of my first YouTube videos.

Forgotten Scars – Natalie J. Reddy

This book was won! I tried to make a YouTube video about my prize but kept having issues, maybe I’ll manage it in 2021! And, now book 2 in the series is out.

Out Of My League – Sarah Sutton

I read an ARC copy of this book and loved it. Later, Sarah gifted her ARC readers with a copy of her book and some character art postcards – such a sweet gesture. Showing this off was one of my first YouTube videos.

The Emotion Thesaurus – Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi

This book was incredibly useful once editing. But, it’s not the only resource book I read this year but… I didn’t review the others. I must make a note to do that.

Sea Witch – Sarah Henning

I loved this story. It’s kind of a fairytale retelling but told from the perspective of the Sea Witch and how she can to be. It was really well done.

A Court Of Thorns & Roses – Sarah J Maas

I loved this book. The romance was a bit too instant for me but the ending redeemed itself. It was incredible and so unexpected. I’ve been told the series gets better… and the other books are already waiting for me on my bookshelf.

Agent Undone – Cassidy Reyne

Romantic Suspense is not my usual genre but I really enjoyed. One of the MCs is a trafficking survivor on the run. At the time of reading Ghislaine Maxwell had been arrested and similar real life testimonies were in the news, which added to my reading experience (the book is fictional and has nothing to do with the Epstein scandal).

If The Broom Fits – Sarah Sutton

I managed to snag another Sutton ARC. Reading this was figuring out my own book launch did slow me down and I didn’t finish it in time for release, but it’s a sweet Halloween holiday romance worth checking out.

Ocean Heart – Ally Aldridge

Ocean Heart is OUT NOW!

Finally, this last one isn’t a book I read in 2020, but one I published…

Ocean Heart is a YA Contemporary Fantasy. It has romance, coming of age themes, and a teen discovering she’s a mermaid.


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