I’ve followed Angeline for a while on social media. She is one of the authors behind the Unstoppable Authors podcast & organises the Indie Fire Festival. Recently she was part of my live stream chat for Indie Author Week UK.

For the release of her new book Angeline did a giveaway. I entered and won.


The book is set in a post apocalyptic world, where it’s an eternal winter. I’d not long finished watching Snow Piercer on Netflix & it made me think about those people that didn’t make the Snow piercer train.

…It made me think about those people that didn’t make the Snow piercer…

Ally Aldridge’s Review of The Spine of Winter by Angeline Trevena

Main Character

The main character is a woman, that has found somewhere safe to survive with her brother. She is very reliant on her brother to take care of her. She rarely goes out in the snow. She mourns for the life that she has lost, holding onto little treasures from the time before.


This isn’t your typical summer read but I highly recommend reading about an eternal winter on a barmy hot day.

This novella was a quick easy read with lots of character growth. The main character starts off quite meek and reliant on her brother. This is good as it eases the reader into the dark world that now exists. It felt a built like a thriller the way the tension built. The setting is a character in itself and you can see why Angeline is a World building expert.

Obviously something terrible happens – it is a dystopia. This is the kick the main character needs to take action. It had a good satisfying ending that I’m not going to spoil for you. Give it a go – 5 stars.


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