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This book is told like a beautiful full length fairytale. Three children are adopted and believed to have been found in a shell, under an Apple tree, and delivered by a stork. The MC is Clara, the child delivered by a stork.

Her sister, Maren loves the water, and slowly begins to turn into a mermaid. Just a few scales at first, but once her legs begin to fuse together she needs to be kept in water. They realise they must return her to the sea.

Due to old magic and curses, the only ones able to take on this quest is Clara and O’Neil. On their journey the pair are tested and run into danger slowing their progress. The clock is ticking for Maren to survive.

Clara and Maren both call O’Neil their brother but grew up more like cousins that see each other for holidays. Maren is a beautiful mermaid that can bewitch men to love her without trying. O’Neil wants to bargain with the Sea King to return Maren to her human form. Clara loves her sister but it’s painful to see her flirting with O’Neil when she craves him for herself.

This story was filled with magic and a slow burning romance. I really enjoyed it and need to thank my sister for gifting this book to me.


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