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I will not amount to much

I have no style

I am not smart

I invest in others

Trust too much


Your nature’s sweet

You’re very kind

But you lack ambition

Have no drive

You don’t even try to fit in


What they lack in confidence

They may up in persistence

Unique and cool

Accepting of all

Laughing off being a fool


Day 2’s challenge

For Day 2 the challenge was to write a poem changing the point of view. At first I had no clue what to write the poem about, then I thought about it from a fiction writers perspective.

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This challenge made me think about the reliability of characters especially in first person as it is all about how they see themselves and the world.  It can be very bias. By flipping view points in a story you can give the reader a completely different experience.

I love writing in first person and find writing in third person the hardest.  I enjoy experimenting and pushing myself to try new things.

Let me know what you think and if you gave this challenge a go.

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