Life is better with friends

Capture the moments through the lens

Disposable, instant, digital camera

Store the prints for another era

Photo albums always filled

Shoe boxes that over spilled

Now we upload to social media

Digital albums from a digital camera

Selfies snapped with a smart phone

Nights out and back at home

Over the years our pictures changed

From real life to touch ups and filters

The memories are always great

When they’re full of fun with your mates

Day 5’s challenge

For Day 5, the prompt was to write a poem about a photo in one language and then in another… I didn’t quite get it because I struggle with foreign languages.   I decided to use Canva to find a random image and write a poem about that instead.

Whilst looking for a picture of a camera/photo for my blog title image, I came across this picture and decided to write my poem today about this.

About my BFFs

I am really blessed with my best friends.  We have known each other since we were three years old.  Yes, we have had fall outs over the years but they never last long and we always come back together.   We have been there for each other through the hard times and to celebrate the best times.

Being 80s girls, we had shoeboxes of photos, hand written letters and ticket stubs or event flyers.  You couldn’t check the image until it was printed – there are some awful pictures of us out there.  Today, you can retake a picture, delete it or even edit it with a filter or Photoshop.  Sadly, I don’t think as many pictures get printed even though they look better.  Instead there are too many photos taken and they get lost in the mass.

As teens we spent all out summers together but now we don’t get to see each other as much as we would like as our lives are full with work and family.  When we are together, we tend to take pictures of our babies (kids or pets).  But, when we do get to meet up it’s like time has stood still and we just pick up where we left off.  They really are my chosen sisters: Aimee, Jo, Laura and Maile – alphabetically because we don’t do favourites.

The last picture I can find of us altogether is from my best friend Aimee’s baby shower (I’m pregnant too in the picture) taken over 4 years ago!

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