I’m excited and motivated for 2019 and the goals I am setting. There is a lot I wish to achieve so staying motivated will be key to keeping on track.


Jewel of the sea (formerly Drift)

  • First Quarter: Another edit
  • Second Quarter: Query agents
  • Third Quarter: (if no bite) Self Publish
  • Fourth Quarter: Promote novel

Diamond in the sky (formerly Glide)

  • First Quarter: Finish novel
  • Second Quarter: Edit novel
  • Third Quarter: Query agents
  • Fourth Quarter: (if no bite) Self Publish


  • First Quarter: N/A
  • Second Quarter: Finish novel
  • Third Quarter: Edit novel
  • Fourth Quarter: Query agents

Scarlet House

  • First Quarter: Start novel #NewYearNewNovel
  • Second Quarter: N/A
  • Third Quarter: N/A
  • Fourth Quarter: N/A

Article Writing

  • All year: Submit to Little Mum Mag & to Ginger Parrot

Social Media

  • Blog: Keep up with two posts a week
  • Blog: Start including links to my previous posts within new posts
  • Blog: Rework old posts to give new life & build advice collections
  • Blog: Aim to read 6 books a year (or more)
  • Instagram: Try to post three photos/videos a week
  • Twitter: Take part in Twitter events like #PitMad or #AskAnna
  • NaNo/NaPo: Take part in challenges that don’t distract from my overall goals
  • YouTube: Try making a video once each quarter, working towards once a month


  • First Quarter: Get my bodacious body back (diet & exercise programme to achieve a more healthy me)
  • First to second Quarter: Working together course (be able to effectively support my sons school)
  • Third Quarter: Enjoy the summer & making memories
  • Fourth Quarter: Return to work (will be requesting part-time hours but may have to work full-time)
  • All year: Scrapbooking (my son is now 5y old and I still haven’t started his. I need to do this).
  • All year: Crochet – I learnt to crochet in 2018 and if I don’t want to lose the skill I need to keep practicing.
  • All year: Journal – I’ve always wanted to get into it as I love the creative way of expressing yourself and being organised.


  • Working together course: See above
  • Write story books for children course: finish course
  • Write romance stories: start & finish stories


I know it will be hard as my children will always come first. If they need me (i.e poorly) then I’ll lose my evenings when I’m most able to work on my goals. But, I won’t give up.

I’ll check in on my goals through out the year and adapt them when necessary. For example, if I got an agent, whatever they need me to do would take priority. Returning to work will be an adjustment and if it’s too much I may have to lower my ambitions so they are manageable.

Any progress is better than nothing at all. I often focus on what I haven’t done so checking in on myself is actually quite rewarding. It makes me acknowledge what I have achieved and adjust my plans so I am pushing myself sufficiently without killing myself.

Do you set personal goals or new year resolutions? What are your plans for 2019?

16 thoughts on “Goals for the year ahead – 2019

      1. Quite a few! My top three are to convert from vegetarian to vegan, save money for a van to convert into a camper and to post in my blog at least once a week, twice if my work hours allow.
        Hope you feel better soon!

  1. What a list! I’m sure you’ll keep up with everything and make changes as necessary. I’ve never really made new years resolutions in the past because I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold to them through out the year (it’s the pessimistic in me). However, this year with my blog I’m actually excited for 2019 and have made goals for my blog that I think I will achieve and really am looking forward to it!

    Thank you for sharing doll!

    xx, Des | https://www.itsbetterinheels.com/

    1. Thanks. My kids are my ultimate dream and sometimes I have to pinch myself as I can’t believe how lucky I am to have them… Sometimes, I pinch myself to was up as I’m so tired. Welcome to the blogosphere ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Itโ€™s honestly so relatable even though I donโ€™t have kids its kind of what i feel for my parents & sisters. The love is so overwhelming sometimes I cry just thinking about them.

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