I’m in such a rush in the mornings that my makeup routine has to be quick. The best way to speed things up is to reduce the number of products that I use. Currently, these are the makeup products I use everyday.

Nui Cosmetics

I use their liquid foundation in the shade Intense Kanapa (RRP £42). What I like about this product is you can build it up. It also dries to give a natural matt look. 

Vapour Organic Beauty

I love all vapour products but have to budget buying them. This concealer in 010 (RRP £24) is my favourite as it gives full cover but is soft and creamy so doesn’t look dry and caked on. I think the moisture helps imperfections heal faster too.

Tarte Cosmestics

I have two palletes and this one has more subtle colours which is perfect for day time as I don’t want to look too done up for a school run. This pallette is Rainforest of the Sea volume III (RRP £30).


This mascara in shade Abyss is black and waterproof (RRP £15.49). With all the changing hormones post pregnancy, this has been a blessing.


I love these lipsticks and my current shade is Noble (RRP £25). It’s a brick red (slight orange tone to it). Not only do I use this on my life but I add a little to my cheeks as a sheer blush and I’m good to go.

Here is me in my everyday make up. My hair is a mess as I’ve been running around with the kids and Aria likes to pull hair and put banana in it. A mums life is oh so glamorous -lol.

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