I’m not going to post an update every day as I think that will be too much, but I thought every 5 days would be a nice spacing. Here is how it is going…

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#nanowrimo Progress so far…

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Setting the goal

I only discovered that NaNoWriMo can be done in July (not just November) the night before it was due to start.  I quickly created my account and set my goal.  You can click here to see my post about this.

My goal is to write 25k to finish my novel titled Glide. I’ve called the project Diamond In The Sky as this is what I am considering renaming the novel as. Here’s how I am getting on towards the challenge.

Day 1

To achieve 25k, Camp NaNo suggested my daily goal be 807 words.  I was very pleased when I kicked off with 806 words.

It was a fun chapter to start with involving the battle where Kiara loses her soul and becomes a crow.

Day 2

I achieved 442 words which wasn’t as great as I hoped but it was the first day back at work and I was shattered when I got home.

It’s not so much the word count I was disappointed with but with what I wrote. This chapter was the first time Kiara got to fly. For something so exciting I think the chapter needs more to it. When I come to edit, I think I’ll spend a bit of time improving this part.

Day 3

Today, I went to my first hypnobirth class and returned home so chilled out, I could barely move.  I couldn’t write, I couldn’t do anything but be relaxed.  I think everyone should do the course (pregnant or not). We live in a busy world and learning to find your zen is crucial.

Sadly, the result was a terrible word count of zero.  On a plus note, I wrote some notes on what needs to happen in the story to give myself some focus.

Day 4

I wanted to make up for skipping yesterday so despite a hard day at work I got in front of the keyboard and added a further 1,973 (the best word count so far!).  My focus notes really helped me get started which saved time and got me writing. Perhaps, day 3 was more productive than I realised.

Day 5

There is no denying that I’m tired now. I went to work wearing odd shoes (one navy, one black). In my defence, my bump is so big now, I can’t see my feet when I am slipping on my shoes. At least they were the same style. I would show you a pic but my feet look awful, so swollen, like trolls feet.

When I got home, I tried to put my feet up but my little boy wasn’t himself. He had this foul eggy burps and I thought he was going to be up all night being sick. I decided it best to conserve my energy and go to bed early. In the end, he was only up twice to use the loo but no sickness – phew.


The first 5 days has gone okay. I would like to have done better but I am fighting against my body and juggling my responsibilities. Now is the weekend, I’m hoping to get in front of the keyboard, get ahead and set a new best. I’ll let you know how I get on by day 10.

Personally, I would like to achieve the challenge early incase my baby comes early.

Are you doing the challenge? How are you getting on?

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