Early this week, I posted to Ko-Fi about all the steps I’ve taken to prepare for Herts Book Festival. I think you’ll be surprised how much goes into it.

However, there has been more since then…

Monday, the tyre air pump was out of order at the local petrol station so I ordered a pump off Amazon for home. It arrived the next day but was raining so decided to do it on Wednesday after work.

On Wednesday, I was taking the kids to school when a stone hit my front windscreen and it cracked! I was swearing like a trooper. What am I supposed to do!

There was a mobile windscreen repair man at my local supermarket, so I drove on just as he was packing up. The guy said he could fix it but I’d need to come back tomorrow at 8:30am with my insurance details.

In the meantime, we pumped the tyres with my new pump machine, and topped up the coolant.

I arranged for my mum to take the kids to school Thursday morning. Then, I let my manager know I might be late in. I headed to the repair man first thing.

It was just as well I told my manager I might arrive late as someone else had got there before me, so I was second in line. The guy was really nice and we chatted about our jobs, the pandemic, and being happy. My windscreen got fixed – I can still get to Herts – and it turned out to be a great start to a great day. My new manager and team were so nice to me, checking I’d got it sorted and not hung up on me being late.

When I got home, I climbed up into our loft to get the small suitcases down. In one, I packed all my books and I packed a rucksack with things for my stand like the book signing pen, cash tin, SumUp machine, etc. I practiced going back & forth in the front room, as I’ll need to get my stuff from the car to my stand.

I still need to pack my overnight bag (the second suitcase), and make sure I don’t forget essentials like my phone charger or hair brush. I’m hoping to keep my followers updated about my adventure and now I feel more ready, I can relax and get excited about Saturday.



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