Soul Heart series: Book 2

YA Contemporary Fantasy Romance

A broken heart is just the start of Kiely’s problems.

Keily got dumped for Christmas. To get over her ex, she’s willing to try anything, starting with a blindfold and a mystery kisser.

Her new wild lifestyle places her in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she’s battling to stay alive, as she’s drawn into an ancient shifter war with werewolves and reapers.

Getting over her ex is nothing compared to the battle that awaits her. Bad choices and lies, puts those she loves in danger. Can she master her new powers in time to save them, or will she condemn them all to darkness?

A coming of age, fantasy romance about overcoming heartbreak, self acceptance, and forgiveness.

Sky Heart – Coming Soon!

Sky Heart was almost ready to be published, but when my final editor got back to me she had a lot of feedback and felt that it needed a complete rewrite.

This was a real blow as I was getting excited and ready to release, but I want my readers to have my book at its best. So, Sky Heart is being rewritten and returning to Beta Readers. The Beta Book is available to read and comment on via the app Beta Reader.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up to be an ARC Reader. I am sorry that you are going to have to wait longer than anticipated. I will leave the ARC form open so anyone interested in the final copy once ready can still express an interest. This ARC will be the final version of the book (not the Beta version). It enables you to get a pre-release copy before the general public. In return, I hope you will provide an honest review and tell people about Sky Heart.

There isn’t an official release date yet but ARC readers will get at least two months notice to enable them time to read and review. Use the Jot Form below to sign up to get an advanced reader copy of Sky Heart.

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