My Favourite Vegan Perfume

I am a big fan of Eden Perfumes in Brighton. One day I’d love to visit the store.

In store you can create your own perfume blend using vegan ingredients.

The Ugly Truth of High Street Perfumes

Regular high street perfumes have lots of peculiar things in them like:
  • Civet: Anal secretions from a cat like creature.
  • Ambergris: sperm whale secretion from the bile duct.
  • Musk: animal anal secretions.
  • Castoreum: beaver anal secretions (aka artificial vanilla).
  • Hyraceum: fossilised badger urine.

I don’t know about you but bile, urine, and anal secretions do not appeal. I discovered what these ingredients are whilst hunting for an organic perfume.

Welcome To Eden

Eden Perfumes are organic where possible, but 100% cruelty free and because they are vegan they don’t have any of those questionable ingredients above.

If like me you can’t get to the store they are able to recommend perfumes similar to a high street perfume you may already know. This makes buying online easier.

Chloe was my favorite perfume so the first thing I did was search for something similar. They recommended:

085: Chloey

It smells as good as the designer one, if not better. Since trying this, I haven’t looked back.

The price for all this goodness is very reasonable at only £18 for 30ml or £24 for 50ml.

If you’ve not checked them out I highly recommend you do.

They used to do mini bottles spray bottles which were perfect for trying a new scent or for travelling.I was disappointed to find they aren’t currently doing this as I thought it’d be fun to try something new.

Well, I managed to track some down on the associated shop for the Cruelty Free Beauty Box.

I bought:

015: Adore Women similar to J’Adore by Dior

017: Light Blue Woman similar to Light Blue Women’s by Dolce & Gabbana

These minis cost £7.50, full size is £18 at the associated shop for the Cruelty Free Beauty Box. They had more scents available too.

I’m a fan of both these designer fragrances so it was no surprise I liked the vegan equivalent at first whiff. It was tough to choose which to buy full size, but I went for 015 and treated my hubby to 151.

151: Light Blue Man similar to Light Blue Men’s by Dolce & Gabbana

I love Eden Perfumes and won’t buy high street again. I’m tempted to get get more minis so I have a variety.

My only complaint is that the bottles look identical so I can’t tell at a glance which scent is which.

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Review: Tropic Skincare

About Tropic Skincare

Tropic is a natural, vegan and cruelty free skincare brand.  Like Avon, the brand enables people to become reps and sell the products from the comfort of their home enabling them to earn whilst juggling other commitments like raising a young family.

I’ve been a fan of Tropic for a while and this isn’t my first or second purchase.  I’ve befriended one of the product representatives on Facebook called Sabrina Ward and follow her on Instagram (@Tropic_Luna).  This enables me to keep up with the latest offers.

What did I get?

My husband has stolen my Skin Revive moisturizer and had the cheek to ask me to buy him some more!  I decided this was a good excuse to spoil myself with the body oil I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  I saw a free gift offer was running.

Body oil – Soothe Your Senses RRP £28

Although, Tropic do parties (like Ann Summers), I just don’t have the social circle to have one so buying this oil was a gamble as I had never sampled it.   What captured my attention was the ingredient ‘frangipani’ which was my wedding flower.

The oil has not disappointed.  It is really beautiful with a flower floating inside the bottle.  The oil smells amazing with a tropical floral scent that is very relaxing.  It rubs in quickly.

Moisturising Cream – Skin Revive Nourishing Cream Concentrate RRP £22

I originally bought this as part of a skincare set (Travel Essentials) and found it to be really good.  I then re-bought but recently I have been trying out some other moisturisers from my subscription boxes and I guess it gave my husband the change to try it.

It is a light day cream and works well under make-up.  My husband likes it because it isn’t tacky feeling.  You can read my original review of the product and the others in the travel essential kit by clicking here.

Body wash (free gift) – Wild mint, lime and pineapple RRP £10

The deal was that if you spent £50 you would get a free gift – so I had to get my oil 😉

My free gift was this wild, mint and pineapple body wash which has a lovely zesty smell that is great to use to wake you up in the morning.  My husband and I have been arguing over who the free gift belongs too (me).  It also came free with a pouf puff.

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NUI Cosmetics Beauty Review

My husband spoilt me and Christmas and bought this foundation and lipstick from my wish list. I’ve used the foundation every day since and I’m now waiting for payday so I can buy some more.

About the brand

Nui cosmetics are from Berlin, Germany. They produce natural and organic beauty products that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

My products were purchased from Glow Organic (Brighton, England). This is my go-to online store for organic makeup.

About the foundation

  • Name: Natural liquid foundation
  • Shade: Intense Kanapa
  • Cost: £38

The foundation isn’t the cheapest I’ve bought but it is well worth its price tag.

It is the perfect shade for me and I love how I can build it up where I need it. It goes on easily like a liquid foundation but dries with the longevity of a Matt foundation. It doesn’t sit in creases and looks very natural. It has a sweet scent to it making it a joy to use.

I apply with my fingers or a sponge. I like the little cap (lid) that clicks on to prevent the foundation coming out when not in use.

About the lipstick

  • Name: Natural Lipstick
  • Cost: £23
  • Shade: Aroha

You need to be confident to wear this lipstick every day as it is a daring colour. True red is a tricky colour to find in organic brands but Nui has done it!

It’s quite a nourishing lipstick and feels lovely on your lips, however, this means it doesn’t last long and needs to be reapplied during the day.


The only downside of the foundation is I didn’t know I was about to run out until it did. 😱

As I had already been on a hefty shopping spree this month (probably the biggest in a decade), I had no budget left to repurchase. I had to wait until payday. 😱😱

Surprise:  Luckily, my husband knew it would make me very happy to surprise me with my favourite foundation. Upon seeing me trying to use up samples I had, he ordered it without me knowing. 😍

Ally plus text

Spring clean, Going green

I didn’t grow up with makeup and, traditionally, I would only wear mascara and tinted lip balm at the weekend. At college, I started experimenting with colours and wearing the palest foundation I could afford, but was still a tad orange for me.

A love of make up

I was twenty and in my second job when I visited a Lancome counter for the first time.  The woman did my make-up and I was amazed at the transformation.  I promptly bought as much as I could and vowed to return. Their foundation was the closest match to pale skin and their skincare felt amazing; plus, they had deals giving away free stuff with purchases or big discounts.

For years, Lancome was my counter of choice and occasionally I would try other brands like Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown or YSL.

Changing thoughts

I read an article about an ingredient in lipstick that causes cancer. I checked my tubes of Lancome and discovered it was present. I searched for reassurance that in small amounts it would cause no harm – this was the start of me questioning my products.

The next occasion was a girl at work who was very vocal on raising awareness of animal cruelty. She’d share horrific pictures and stories of what the beauty industry and meat industry does to animals. I started paying attention to whether brands I bought were cruelty-free and discovered many leading brands sell in China – they have a law enforcing products must be tested on animals. Sadly, many of my favourite brands were trading in China and I realized they must have allowed this to happen in order to sell there.

The final change was when I discovered my toddler sitting among a cracked pallet of eyeshadow by Pixi Beauty, finger holes in my Bobbi Brown foundation and a red-smeared face covered in Benefit’s Benetint (I suspect he had tried eating it). I was in a blind panic that he could be poisoned by my make up. I cleaned him up and realised it was time to clean up my beauty choices.

Hanging onto the baddies

Changing to clean beauty products wasn’t going to be an overnight transformation. On maternity pay (then returning to work on part-time hours), I didn’t have the funds to overhaul my makeup or skincare in one go. It was a slow gradual process.

To start, I held onto all my products. There was some trial and error in finding what worked for me as many brands are online so ordering them was a gamble. More brands are now offering affordable samples making it more cost effective to experiment. With my successes, my old brands started to get replace and the old products relocated to a box for emergencies – I was still scared to throw them out.

Fresh start

We recently got our bathroom refitted. I had to clear everything out for the workmen to rip out our old suite and put in our new bathroom.

This finally gave me the push to say goodbye to my baddies that we’re gathering dust and out of date. I only put back the products I use that are cruelty-free and most are chemical free too.

Now, I open my bathroom cabinet and smile…

Review: December’s Pip Box


Here is a little video of me opening my December Pip Box under the Christmas tree.  It arrived on 18 December 2017.


I’ve now had the products two weeks and had a chance to try all but one of them them.  Here is my review:

  • Benecos – natural eyeshadow (rose gold):  As always Pip are brilliant at picking colours – I don’t know how they do it!  They sent me the shade Rose Gold which is a really pretty shade.  This is a great eye shadow.  It will become a staple in my make-up bag.  I would recommend it and I would buy it again.
    • This product was from   from Pravera Direct.  This is the first time I have seen Pip recommend a store (rather than the brand directly).  I love discovering new ethical beauty shops so I’m really pleased.
    • It costs only£4.95.  
  • Tisserand Aromatheraphy – bath soak (rose & geranium leaf): This is the second time Pip has sent me a Tisserand product (last time I got a hand cream).  I prefer the smell of this product.  It has an earthy rose smell to it. It alsogffelt really rich and moisturizing in the bath, almost like an oil.  I really enjoyed this and I’m certain it will get all used up in no time.
    • It costs £10.95.  
  • Bloomtown -100% Natural & Vegan Lip Balm (red & berried):  This is a winter life saver.  It had prevented cracked lips and kept them hydrated whilst in out in the cold.  An added bonus is that it has a subtle red tint to it and smells delicious.
    • It costs £4.80.  
  • Raven Chocolate – Mini Coconut Milk Bar:  This is the first time I got something to eat in my Pip box and I generously offered to share it with my 4 year old.  OMG, I wish I had recorded our reactions.  We DID NOT like this!  We are clearly not ready for vegan, dairy free, sugar free chocolate. YUCK!  I’m glad we got to try it as it enabled me to learn this is not for me.
    • A 25g bar costs £1.95



Still to try

  • Freyaluna Skincare – nourishing face steam (fennel & rose):  When opening my box I had a stuffy nose so I was most excited to use this product.  I had dreams of resolving my nasal congestion and getting a facial at the same time.  Sadly, I got sick and then was rushed by Christmas and visiting family and I’ve just not had any time – aghhh!  I am still super keen to review this product properly soon.
    • You can get a small 5g packet to try for £2.00 or buy a 30g jar for £11.00

The Pip Box Review

I love my Pip Box so much that I’ve decided to cancel my Birch Box subscription.  I prefer the products I get and I end up using them all up (no waste).  It’s great value and I’ve discovered some brilliant new products and brands to love. I highly recommend subscribing.

  • Cruelty free beauty box – £14.99 (monthly), £40.50 (3 x months), +P&P
  • Vegan friendly beauty box – £14.99 (monthly), £40.50 (3 x months), +P&P
  • Follow them on Instagram to be the first to know about any special subscription offers.

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