3 Things to do, FOR YOU, before baby is due

There are loads of things you need to do before your baby arrives but here I list the top three things to do, for you.

Pamper day

There are lots of lovely treatment bundles offered for pregnant women. However, you can choose individual treatments and make your own bundle.

I choose to get a manicure as I didn’t want my nails to ruin my newborn’s pictures. I got a pedicure as I struggle to reach my feet now and a foot massage really helps bring down the swelling. I got a lash lift & tint so I don’t need to worry about mascara when going makeup free.

I like treatments that make my life easier. Although, now she is late I may need to get my nails redone.

NB: You may need to remove nail polish at hospital if you need certain procedures, for example a c-section.

Making Memories

I knew as I get more pregnant I would find it harder to do things but I still wanted to make memories with my son. We had a lovely day out with friends at Colchester zoo. It was hard walking around but the smile on his face made it worthwhile.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I’ve planned activities for my son to go out with his grandparents. He had a week crash course in swimming with his Grandma, a Festival day with his granddad and next week he’s out with his nanny. This has enabled him to have fun and for me to rest a little. I’m so grateful for the supportive network I have around me.

When he went to the festival, my husband and I got to have a lovely childfree meal together. We also did some chores I was struggling to get done at home and although the house isn’t looking spotless, it does look so much better.

Some couples go on a baby moon (last holiday as a couple before baby arrived). I would like to have done this with my husband but we needed to use our time off work to cover the absence of childcare during school holidays and didn’t have enough days left for anything else. However, we were going to Centre Parcs when I found out I was pregnant so you could say we had a family moon (last holiday as a family before adding another child).


Bump pics

I have really struggled with this. Often I am so busy with Noah I forget about myself. I also feel huge, not well and tired which make me not in the mood to have my photo taken.

We tried a family day out at the beach and took pictures but my belly popped out in an unsightly way that made me look like Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances.

Fortunately, I finally got some pictures when I hit the 40 weeks milestone by simply taking some pics at home.

If you can afford a professional shoot then go for it. I did with my first and love the photos taken but the hidden costs made it way more expensive than I anticipated which is why I didn’t go for it this time. Click here for my tips on booking a shoot.

I hope you found my list useful. I’d love to hear what you did, for you, before baby arrived.

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Dry eyes

This is just a short post. I planned to photograph my old foundations and write a review on them all as an ultimate guide for pale skinned girls. Sadly, that wasn’t meant to be.

My dry eyes

Instead, I’ve been suffering with dry eyes. It feels like I’ve got something in my eye and they are on fire.

Sun lotion

At first, I thought it was sun lotion so bought a sun lotion specifically for face use. I was in a rush so I bought Malibu from Savers. It was only £2.99 and came with a lip balm. I’m not sure it meets with my ethical standards as I was in a rush but it works and it is budget friendly.


Then, I thought perhaps I had suddenly become sensitive to my mascara so I ordered a trusted old favourite (Pacifica’s water resistant one). Lucy Rose Biz had an offer on where I got a free BB Cream if I spent £30 so I bought two mascaras (one black, one blue).


Next, I thought I had hay fever as my eyes kept watering. The pharmacist said I couldn’t take anything whilst pregnant. She suggested rubbing vaseline on my nose. I don’t use vaseline. Instead, I use Akamuti’s petroleum free jelly.


Whilst seeing the Optician, I asked if they had any tips. The Optician looked at my eyes and told me she didn’t believe I have hay fever but dry eyes. She explained that after a long winter and sudden heat wave, my eyes couldn’t keep moisturised. This made sense as it was really bad on the super hot days. She gave me eye drops called artificial tears which has provided some relief.


As a redhead, I’m used to shunning the sun like a vampire but my eyes have never been affected before.

The sun is making my eyes so sore. I treated myself to two massive sun hats from Primark (I don’t usually wear hats) and have my eye on another one from the British Heart Foundation charity shop.

My husband bought me some lovely big Lipsy sunglasses which have also helped as they are so sensitive in the day light. I feel like a vampire.

Pregnancy and dry eyes

I searched ‘Dry eyes and pregnancy’ and found it is caused by the hormones not creating tears like they usually do. It often happens during the 2nd or 3rd trimester and affects a second or greater pregnancy. Usually the symptoms go after pregnancy – let’s hope so!

Tips to deal with it are:

  • Drink more water
  • Avoid screens (Tv, PC, Tablet, Kindle, Mobile, etc)
  • Avoid air con
  • Use a humidifier
  • Wear wrap around sunglasses
  • Use artificial tears
  • Eat omega 3 (salmon, mackerel, walnuts, flax seed)
  • Use a face mist

Seriously thinking of getting a face mist and have me eye on the Caudalie one.

As a result, I haven’t written the post I wanted because I’ve been resting my eyes. Screens irritate them as much as the sun. I now drive with a tissue to dab my tears.

Here’s a pic of me out for dinner this weekend and not writing!

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Ally plus text

TTC – Getting Pregnant

This is a very personal post that I hope will help other people that may be struggling with wanting to start a family but for whatever reason can’t.

My first TTC journey

I wanted a baby long before my other half was on-board with the idea.  I wouldn’t dream of tricking anyone into such a serious commitment and life changing decision, so, I waited patiently until he was ready…


We bought a house, we got engaged, we got married – still, he was enjoying it being just the two of us.

I told him everything accept how badly I wanted a baby.  I didn’t want to put pressure on him to change his mind and knew it was important for him to make that choice himself.

The waiting almost killed me.  I was hid it from my husband out of fear it might guilt him into agreeing.  I went for my pill check up and broke down with my doctor.  My doctor gave me my combination pill (as I requested it) but encouraged me to talk to my husband and start a family.

Instead, I spent my evenings locked away in my bathroom, alone with my thoughts. A world without my baby wasn’t a world that felt right.  I wondered if I had missed my chance, was getting too old, perhaps I was never meant to have babies. I cried that maybe my husband would never change his mind but I couldn’t leave him – he was the one.  But,  I wasn’t sure how long I could wait for him; I was losing faith.  I felt helpless.

I began thinking of taking my life.  I didn’t want anyone in my life to know how deep my struggle ran because I didn’t want them to blame themselves when I was gone and think they could have saved me.  Even today, a lot of the closest people are likely to not be aware how bad things got for me.  My husband noticed in the evenings, I was hiding myself away and grew concerned. He encouraged me to see the doctor.  I was diagnosed me with chronic stress and offered antidepressants but turned them down because I feared if my husband might changed his mind that my body would be full of drugs, instead, I took the option of counselling.  Whilst, I waited for the referral I started talking. I confided in one of my best friend and husband. By the time the NHS was able to help me with counselling, I no longer needed it.


My husband was ready to start trying but now needed my mind to be in a better mental state.  Once, we were both ready, I came off the pill but I was so desperate for a baby, I wanted it here 5 years ago and did everything in my power to increase my changes of falling quickly (so, I thought).

Putting pressure on myself to fall quickly, made getting pregnant more difficult.  I didn’t noticed what I was doing as I was obssessed and the need to be pregnant was all consuming.  I took folic acid, multi-vitamins, cods liver oil, hemp oil, casava-root pills, any other supplements suggested to boost fertility.  I kept a spreadsheet to keep track of what I had taken and at what point in my cycle. I took cough medicine to thin my cervical mucus.  I even imported Clomid from India. I was using pre-seed, certain sex positions, resting after sex with my legs in the air and strictly sex every other day – it made sex a chore! I was doing ovulation and pregnancy tests and dealing with the heartache of each negative result. After, 9 months I began to count down to seeing my doctor to discuss fertility options and tried to gain wait as my BMI was just below what is accepted for IVF.


Then, I sold my house and moving stole my focus. Whilst I wasn’t focused on getting pregnant, I got pregnant.

Finally, I had my son.  I will never forget how having him has made me feel complete.  He really did save my life.  I don’t think I could have gone on much longer without him being part of my world.


My second TTC journey

This time, I wasn’t in a rush. I was now already a mother. If Noah was all the children I’d ever have, I would be thankful for that.  My husband made me promise that I wouldn’t go crazy again.

All I did was switch my contraceptive pill for a prenatal multi vitamin and we had sex when we felt like it – we kept it fun.  I was shocked when in the first cycle I fell pregnant.

What my TTC journeys taught me:

TTC Info Graphic

If you are on your TTC journey, I wish you the best of luck. Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor if you need help at any stage.

If you have been successful – congratulations.  What was it that worked for you?

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