My top 10 beauty products of 2018!

So to wrap up the year, I am having a look back at what my favourite beauty products were.  These are the ones that got all used up and needed to be replaced.

Axicology lipstick – Goodness

This shade of lipstick gives my lips a natural but better look.  In addition, when I am in a rush, I have applied it to my cheeks as a highlighter/blush and think it looks awesome.

In addition, I love the tube of these lipsticks.  You click the bottom to pop the lipstick up.

Nui Costmetics Foundation Intense Kanapa

This foundation is brilliant. Not only is it all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff but it is also a really effective foundation. You can build up the coverage until you are happy and it has a really nice smell.

Pacifica Beauty Multi Mineral BB Cream

This can be used as a primer or just as a light product to even out your skin tone. I use it everyday for the school run as it gives a really natural look and is light on my skin.

Benecos Natural Eyeshadow – Rose Quartz

This eyeshadow is a lovely rose gold. It gives a slight shimmer but isn’t over powering.  Its a nice natural everyday shade.

Simply Redheads Henna Shampoo/Conditioner

I’ve had my eye on this shampoo for ages and glad that I finally gave it a go.  This shampoo makes my hair feel so good.  I was seriously impressed by the customer service in answering my queries.

I bought two massive bottles and they have lasted ages so they are really reasonably priced.  It is almost empty and I know I will have to repurchase.

A.S Apothacary – Wild Beauty Balm Concerntrate

Whenever my skin needs a little TLC, I reach for this moisturiser.  It comes out in a yellow colour but it is full of so much goodness and my skin really soaks it up.

Butter Bar Soapery Body Polish

As someone who finds no joy in body scrubs as they are scatchy and nasty, this one has truly converted me.  It scrubs the skin but it is so rich in moisture your skin doesn’t feel raw afterwards.  I look forward to using it as it is a real treat.

Roques O’Neil Therapie Bath Detox Salts

I saved these salts for after labour to help with healing and loved them.  I look forward to when I can find time to have a bath to enjoy these are they are a real treat.

NK Naturals Delicate Healing Cleansing Balm

Whenever hormones makes my skin play up, this cleanser brings it back to being balanced.  It is so gentle I have even used it to remove eye makeup.  I like the strong honey smell but that might not suit everyone.

BAO Skincare Apricot Rose Face Polish

I never thought I would trust a scrub on my face but this polish is really gentle and feels like a treat on my skin. 

What I want in 2019

I discovered a lot of the above products through my Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box.  If I can afford to subscribe again then I definitley will.

Other than replacing the above products when they run out, I would be interested in trying out other products by the brands.

I also enjoyed using a lot of lip balms, body oils and facial spritz but although I loved using them, I wasn’t in love with one that it was my most favourite.  I think in 2019, I would like to try more of those products to find the one.

Have you tried any of the above products?  Have you got any recomendations for me.

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