Why subscribe to Skin Organics beauty box

I’ve had a total of six Skin Organic beauty subscription boxes!  At the end of this article, I will include links to reviews and first impressions of those boxes.  

When I started taking more interest in the ingredients used in my heart products, I was horrified. There I was thinking I was treating myself only to discover all the harmful chemicals I was putting on my skin.

Switching to organic skincare wasn’t easy and I had to do it gradually.  I began by switching the product I use most first – my cleanser. I wish I had known about the Skin Organics box back then as it is a great affordable way to discover new organic products and brands.

What ingredients to avoid?

There are many harmful ingredients in highsteet/designer  makeup and skincare products.  Once you are aware what these ingredients can do to your body it is shocking that they are even allowed.

Here are some examples to give you a taste of what you might be putting into your body through your skin everyday.

Parabens: can cause breast cancer, skin cancer, decrease sperm count.  Some types will disrupt the endocrine system, cause reporductive and development disorders.  

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS):  can cause skin irratiations, canker sores, disrupt natural oil balance, eye damage and cystic acne.

Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA): can cause skin depigmentation, liver damage, stomache cancer, interferes with the repoducitve system and thyroid hormone leveles.

There are more but that is not the purpose of this post. I just want to illustrate why you might want to rethink ‘treating’ yourself and start looking into products created using natural and organic ingredients.

Why get a Skin Organics subscription?

Skin Organics Clean Beauty is a subscription box with a selection of non-toxic, cruelty-free, organic and natural products.  These may be skincare, body care or beauty products.  Their aim is to help you discover clean, green and cruelty-free products and brands.  They dispatch on 20th of the month.

Your box will contain five products.  All of these will be free from nasty harmful ingredients like Parabens, SLS, pthalates, petrochemicals, suylphastes, silicones and GM ingredients. And, the brands with be ethical and cruelty free. 

Cost:  £19.00 (+£3.95 P&P) subscription, UK

Click here to subscribe.

If you don’t want to subscribe you can buy a one off box (or send one as a gift), you can also buy gift vouchers and buy seasonal boxes (for example, this Chrsitmas they have a Christmas Gift box with 5 festive products or a Mini Christmas box with 2-3 festive products).

Here are the highlights:

Here are links to my first impressions and reviews of the Skin Organics box when I was a subscriber. I’ve also tried really hard to choose a favourite product each month.

My last Skin Organics box – August (review published 27 September 2018) 

I am not a fan of scrubs but I loved  Revive Body Polish by Butter Bar SoaperyI am going to buy it as a gift for people at Christmas (and for myself).  And, I’ve shocked myself by loving BAO Skincare‘s Apricot Rose Face Polish.  Both of these are products I never would have bought myself but I now look forward to using as a treat.   

Review:  Skin Organic Box – July (review published 1 September 2018)

I have loved most of the items in this box.  I must confess I’ve not really used the Lola’s Apothecary Body & Massage oils but everything else is well used.  It’s trick to pick just the one but I am going to go with the Green People‘s Damask Rose moisturiser and face oil.  

Review:  The Pip Box – June (review published 27 July 2018)

From this box, I have still not used the Lucidlure Allava Hair Mask although due to my hormones changing, my hair is currenlty falling out so I have been thinking about using this – just need some me time.  The Bespoke Aroma Peppermint and Lomongrass Pulse Point Oil was a life saver when I got a cold whilst pregnant.  I also loved their facial mist in the hot weather.  

Review:  The Skin Organics – May (review published 5 July 2018)

This has to be one of my favourite edits as I am really struggling to choose a favourie.  I’m going to tell you my three favourites!  A.S Apothecary‘s  Wild Beauty Balm is so good that I am wondering how I will afford it on materntiy leave – it makes my skin so happy.  I also love Roques O’Neil Himalayan Detox Bath Salts.  These were my go to after labour for a soothing bath and now I can’t get enough of them.  Sadly, I did not like the dark chocolate – yuck, not for me!

Review:  The Skin Organics – April (review published 7 June 2018)

I absolutley loved the Mono Facial Steam but sadly it was a limited edition and can’t be bought.  

Review:  The Skin Organics box  – March (review published 26 April 2018)

I really love NKnaturals‘ London’s Delicate – Healing Cleansing Balm. It has been so delecate I have used it to on my eyes to remove make up.  Although it is delicate it has still removed waterproof makeup.  I must re-buy this!

My first impressions of this box can be found here.  

Overall thoughts…

If I could afford to subscribe to only one beauty box, it would be this one.  I love the chemical free, cruelty free and ethical products and brands that I recieved.  All the products were of good quality and didn’t cause me any irritation.  My only wish is that they’d sometimes include a makeup item.

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Review: The Pip Box (February)

What is The Pip Box

It is a monthly subscription box full of cruelty free beauty products. If that’s not enough to make you feel good, they also donate a portion of their profit to Animal Free Research UK from each box sold.


What did I get?

Here are my first impressions of the products that I’ve been testing out since I received the box about a fortnight ago.

Day cream

Dr Botanicals:  Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Cream

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 
  • UK (London based)

This product claims to improve the appearance of skin whilst providing nourishment.  The main active ingredients are Kale (vitamin C & E) and Cocoa Butter.

Review: I’ve found this cream to be light.  It doesn’t have a scent.  It dries fast so I can put makeup on immediately afterwards.  It is a small tube so I’m not sure how long this will last but the product cost is the price of the subscription fee so I’ve already got my money back with this one item.

RRP £14.90


Johnny Concert:  Amplified eyeshadow (Tainted Cupcake)

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 

This brand prides themselves on being diverse and creating a brand everyone can use to express themselves (reminded me of Illamasqca).  The shade Tainted Cupcake is a champagne pink with rose gold. It can be applied dry or wet for a more intense pop of colour.

Review: The eyeshadow has a shimmer to it so if you are not into that this then the shade is not for you.  The shade chosen is a safe choice for most people but if you fancy something more daring they have some bolder colours on their website.  It also came with a free brush which I really like.

RRP $15.00 (about £10.86 by exchange rate on 4 March 2018)


Akamuti:  Face Mask (Chocolate Marshmallow)

  • Natural
  • Sustainable ingredients (and Fair Trade)
  • Recyclable
  • Charity (support The Orangutan Land Trust )
  • Handmade
  • No preservatives
  • Cruelty free 

Above is just a snippet of all the goodness this brand delivers.  One of the first The Pip Boxes I received contained the ‘Green Clay’ face mask, I then went on to buy more products by the brand (a body oil and their petroleum free jelly).

Review: I haven’t had a chance to test this yet but I have previously used their green clay version.  It is a power mask and you have to mix it with water to create a paste.  If you enjoy making your masks then you will love this.

I prefer my masks already made so I wouldn’t have chosen this for myself but I am looking forward to trying it out because I know this brand always delivers and the mask will be effective.  You mix up what you need and there is enough that you will get plenty of uses out of the pot making it very cost effective.

RRP £4.95


Naissance Journal:  Argan Oil

  • Soil Association Certification
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 

I struggled to find the product on their website but other oils in the same packaging were the organic certified oils.  I expect they have just not updated the product images yet on the site and this is new packaging.  There was a wide range of products on their site and gift sets for people who like making beauty products like bath bombs etc.

Review: My skin really does love organic oils.  Since receiving this, I have been putting it on before bed.  You only need a little bit to cover your face and it dries quick.  There were also instructions on how you can use the oil for your hair or mix it to make a serum.  I’m not keen on the smell of the product – it smells like cooking oil.

I will use it up but not sure I’ll re-buy.  I am interested in trying their bath salts…

RRP £4.99

Matt lip

Medusa’s Makeup:  Lip Paint (Cowgirl)

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 

This brand is difficult to get in the UK but not impossible, however, I had trouble finding a supplier that sells all the shades of lip paint yet so this is possibly a new line.  The product is a liquid lipstick with a matt finish and stays on all day.

Review: The shade Cowgirl is not for me.  I put it on and it is a pale nude colour that made my lips look like they had no colour and I am a red lip girl.  However, I couldn’t get it off and realised I was stuck with the shade all day unless I wanted to start my make-up over.  I went out in it.  It did last all day.

I am very tempted to get this matt lip paint in another colour because I love the fact you can put it on and forget about it and as a busy mum, doing my makeup once is about all the time I’ve got.

RRP $12.00 (about £8.69 by exchange rate on 4 March 2018)


JOM Organic:  Organic Candy (Fizzy Caramel)

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • No palm oil
  • Free from: Gluten, GMO and Nuts

JOM stands for ‘Just One More’ and the brand is appropriately named.

Review: So, I opened the packet to show the sweets and tried one.  Before I had even uploaded the pic to Instagram, the contents was gone.  Honestly, I meant to share them with my husband and son but they really were moreish.  I highly recommend!

I can’t wait to order some more of these and try other flavours.

RRP £1.25

Share to social media

Currently, boxes contain a card encouraging consumers to share pics of their box and contents on social media and how to tag to enter the monthly raffle. If your pic is chosen, you win your next box free. It’s rewarding that this support and loyalty is recognised by The Pip Box.

I take pics every month because I love my The Pip Box. I then use my images on my blog.  This month, I won! So, my March box will be free and the contents will be worth £65!

I’m no professional photographer. I just took pics with my mobile. This shows anyone can win. So, if you buy The Pip Box, don’t hesitate to share your joy with pics. Do it, tag it, and you may just win it.

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