The Beast From the East

This post is for me.  Today has been such a special experience, I want to look back and remember it, forever.

Snow morning

This morning began with my little boy getting to see snow for the first time. He wanted to go out in his PJs and it took some negotiating to get him to sit down and eat breakfast and get dressed first.

I wasn’t sure he’d have time to go out before nursery but I told him if he ate quick & got dressed fast he could play in the snow. I’ve never seen him get ready so fast!

SNew Experience

He was desperate to get outside but could I find his gloves and hat? We had them out in November but this morning they were missing.

I gave him a pair of my mittens to keep his hands warm and we tried to make a snowman (unsuccessfully). Then we threw snow at each other. He’s a better shot than me – I was lucky we had the excuse that we needed to leave or I’m sure he would have annihilated me.

Snowy Nursery

I managed to find his gloves and hat from 2 years ago. A Benjamin bunny hat and bunny gloves made by my mum (his Grandma PoPo).

After checking nursery was on, I drove him very carefully and slowly in. I was gutted they weren’t having a snow day as I wanted to stay & play with him. He was so excited and it was infectious.

At the nursery, he didn’t want to take his snowsuit off. ┬áHis key worker had to promise him that after the morning activities and registration there would be time to play outside in the snow.

I couldn’t wait to finish work and pick him up from my mums and hear all about how he played with his friends in the snow. As soon as we got home, he was straight out in the garden to play some more, before it melts.

Lobbing snowballs at me.

Giggling in the snow and eating it!

Here’s hoping that tonight it snows enough that we can stay home and play together tomorrow.