Sun protection

Nobody understands the importance of being safe in the sun like a redhead! Plus, being pregnant makes your skin even more sensitive to the suns rays – people who don’t often get burnt are more likely to when pregnant.

Here are the products I am using to get me through summer this year:

Riemann P20

I usually buy this from Savers as they often have the best price going. I buy SPF 50 and spray it on before leaving the house and forget about it as it lasts 10 hours!

The spray does have a yellow tinge to it but once dry it is clear. However, I take care to avoid getting it on fabrics as I think it could stain.

My job involves driving and my arms can get roasted through the windows. When I wear this I don’t need to worry. I also use it on my son when he goes to nursery and he will play outside all day if it is hot. The staff do reapply if the kids have played in water. So far, he’s not returned home burnt.

Sadly, I can’t find anything to say they are cruelty free so I suspect they are not. I would love to discover an organic and cruelty free alternative that offers 10h+ protection.


I was in Savers getting my P20 and this was next to it on the shelf. It’s my first time buying this brand and I just picked it up as I needed something for my face and it was cheap. A sunscreen specifically for your face is necessary as other products can block your pores and make your eyes water.

It is a very light cream moisturiser and I apply it before my make up. I’ve not suffered a flakey nose and I’m quite pleased with it.

Malibu is cruelty free and most products are vegan friendly. I had no idea and it was a nice surprise to discover this.

Acorelle’s face balm is an organic alternative, however, last year I was so upset by my experience with their other sun-care products I actually complained – they didn’t care (no response). I was also tempted by Coola but their products are more pricy and I couldn’t find space in my budgets.

Alba Botanica

This brand is great but tricky to track down in the UK. I bought mine from Cos Natural.

I got SPF 50 kids for my son (yellow bottle) and SPF 50 sensitive (green bottle) for me. The product reminds me of Ambre Solaire which was a sun lotion I swore by and has made the switch easy. It’s easy to spray and doesn’t need to be rubbed in. The lotion is clear. You twist the lid to lock it so it doesn’t spray in your bag.

Alba Botanica is everything I could wish for; effective, ethical, cruelty free and organic!

On my wish list:

  • Coola: Is still on my wish list and as soon as my budget can accommodate a purchase, I will get this. I like their SPF face moisturiser and SPF make-up fixing spray.
  • Jane Iredale: I’m praying they release a BB shade between 1 & 3 because I loved this and it has a high SPF… but it was too expensive to keep buying both shades and mixing them together. I’m also tempted by their high SPF face powder.

The best and worst sun lotions by a redhead!

Last year I wrote about the sun lotions that have earned my trust and those that broke my heart and blistered my skin. If you want to know the best and worst, please click here or on the title picture below.


I hope you’ve found my recommendations useful. Please let me know if there is a sun product I need to try.

Here is my infographic on staying safe in the sun:

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