Gifts for writers

People say I’m hard to buy for but its codswallop! I’m passionate about my writing making gift buying a doddle… if you understand what writers want.

If you are looking for ideas to gift the writer in your life you’ve come to the right place.


Writers can never have enough notepads, and pens. They are easy to buy for all budgets and tastes.

Under the Rowan Tree: This fabulous little indie store has a wide range of stationery. You can sign up to the subscription box (the gift that keeps giving) or buy a previous box, box of the month or a gift set taking the guess work out of what to get.

Ellen Bee Makes:  There are plenty of lovely stores on Etsy where you can buy handmade custom gifts.  Ellen’s store sells lots of crafty bits but specialise in stickers.  These are great if your writer keeps a planner, diary or needs some ‘fun’ motivation to get organised.  


This had to make the list because writing and reading pretty much goes hand in hand.  You could buy a bookmark, book light, book thumb, book stand or book holder.

Euphemia Bloom Books:  For a truly beautiful and unique gift, check out this store for book sleeves.  These are the most stylish way to keep a book safe from getting damaged in your bag.

Amazon Gift Voucher With a range of options for different needs and occasions, Amazon couldn’t have made it easier to gift book money.  The voucher can be used on anything!  Or, if they have a Kindle (or the app), you can gift them Kindle Unlimited giving access to over a million books for free. 

Goodreads:  Okay, this is not a shop but if you are really smart, check out your writer’s account to discover which books are on their wish list and surprise them.   Keep receipts encase they have already been bought – book lovers have a habit of buying books… a lot.

Keep Warm

Some people think socks are boring but when I am busy writing I can lose track of time and my feet get cold.  I’m always grateful for socks.  Other great ideas are slippers and finger-less gloves to keep writers toasty.  

Zazzle:  The fuel of most writers is caffeine.  It keeps their imagination alive.  Support their creativity with a quirky writers mug or thermal flask (for writers on the go).

The Literary Tea Company:  This company has blended tea to match popular books.  They even have a collection of book inspired diffuses that can be used with any loose tea.  There is bound to be (or not to be) a tea to peak the interest of any literary fanatic. 

Self Care

Writers often cram writing into every spare minute of their day, pushing out unnecessary things like eating, sleeping and taking care of themselves.  Force your writer to stop.  Buy them an experience to get them to take a break. 

Spa Day:  Find a spa that is nearby and buy them a spa package.  Force them to relax for at least half a day.  The relaxation will rejuvenate them and they’ll return home with a whole new novel plotted out.  

Able and Cole: You can gift your writer a recipe box or one of the other organic boxes . This will encourage them to eat healthy (not just a pot noodle or toast).  There is plenty of choice from fruit, veg, fish, meat, smoothies, soups, slow cook, chocolate, hampers or the essentials.  Check you know their dietary restrictions.  

Digital Gifts

Today’s writer needs to keep up with technology.  If they publish they will be expected to market themselves and although typewriters are beautiful they are not practical.

KindleThis is the most popular eReader for a reason.  Many writers have the app on their phone but it’s nice to have a tablet.  If they already have one, you could look at getting them a case to keep it safe.

USB Flash Drive:  Back it up, back it up.  Many writers have learnt the hard way the importance of saving their work to multiple places.  This is a very practical gift that could protect the writer a lot of misery if their computer/laptop dies.

I hope the above ideas have helped you come up with the perfect gift but if you need more ideas please check out my posts from last year (low/big budget).

Low Budget

Gift ideas for anyone looking for non-expensive gifts. Perfect for stocking fillers, secret Santa, or ‘just because’ gifts (click image below).

High Budget

Wow! Can I be your writer friend. This is the more extravagant list with big price tag ideas for when you want to splurge (click image below).


World Indie Warriors Brochure

More details coming soon. This catalogue is one to look out for. It is packed full of products to buy from indie creatives and gifts writers will love.  I’ll write a post about it soon.

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