Do you have anything published?


If you follow my blog then you will already know that my big plan for 2020 is to publish my debut novel.  Publishing a novel has always been my big dream.  I want to see my book in bookshops, online stores, on bookstagrams but not just one book, many.  

I’m so focused on publishing my novel I often forget about my previous published works.  Today, I am going to delve down memory lane and share my previously printed work.  


I was born in East London and raised a Leyton Orient Football Club fan.  My dad took me to matches every Saturday.  We would sit in the stands,  eating a hot-dog and listening to Tijuana Taxi and chanting, “Come on you Os!” and some other chants with naughty words that you wouldn’t believe crossed my lips.

The Os Fanzine were the first official publication to print my writing.  I was just a kid but I decided to design kits and merchandise for fans (especially kids) and they shared my article and drawings in the magazine.  

Since then I have written a number of blog articles on a wide range of topics (writing, gaming, sex and fashion).  The most recent was on conservation regarding Orangutans for Ginger Parrot.


These pics were taken in 2010 when my short contemporary romance, Cherry Blossom, was printed in the Scribblers Anthology. The proceeds of the sale went to charity.

Scriblers is a local writing group in Felixstowe that I once was a regular member.  The fortnightly writing challenges were a lot of fun but the best part about the group was meeting up with other writers that were as passionate as me.  I like to check in with them from time to time and it is always a joy to see familiar faces.  

Have you published anything?

 I often don’t count any of the above as be published, but the articles and anthology have been stepping stones towards my ultimate goal.  I am so thankful for opportunities I have been given and that the above deemed me worthy of printing.  

Sometimes I am so focused on what I’m trying to achieve I fail to acknowledge my achievement along the way.  This year, I am going to try to be more mindful and take a moment to acknowledge how far I have come.  

I’m not an aspiring author, I am an author.  I have published works.  Next, year, I hope to be able to add novel to this list of accomplishments.

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A Group For Writers with a Side Hustle

Writers starting out often are juggling other responsibilities. They may be a student with assignments gobbling up their time, or full time employed to pay their bills, or a parent with young children that demand their time. Whatever their hustle, they still want to write.

Every time life gets in the way of their dream, they feel like a failure. Plust writing can be quite lonely experience with nobody to talk to when things aren’t working out. Often, you will feel like you are the only one struggling to find time to write unless you find yourself a writing group.  

That’s why I am so pleased to have connected with Sabrina Sheldron @midnightstarlightwrites on Instagram. She invited me to join her Facebook group The Hustling Writers Community.

Why I think this group is so awesome:

This group encourages everyone to support each others achievements no matter how small. Sabrina sets weekly goals that are easy to achieve but help people to keep writing and moving onwards. Currently, there is an Instagram daily photo challenge #hustlingwriterscommunity.

Why did Sabrina start the group?

I asked her and she said:

“I wanted to start the group because I was sure there were people out there, like me, who hadn’t quite met their writing goals yet. People that dream of being full time authors but are still needing to work other jobs or study before they reach those goals.

And, I wanted to create a space where we could sympathise and encourage each other, as we all have similar struggles and similar goals. Social media tends to make everything a bit of a rat race, so I wanted to create a nurturing space, where it’s ok to not be perfect and productive 100% of the time.

I often beat myself up when life gets in the way. There’s comfort in knowing people are going through the same things, and I hope that other people in the group feel the same comfort and encouragement”

Well, I certainly feel that Sabrina met her goal here. With the support of her group, and her passion to write, I hope she achieves her dream one day soon to be a published author.

Sabrina Sheldon likes to write YA Fantasy Romance and loves all things Fairy Tale. The best place to find her is @midnightstarlightwrites on Instagram.

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Do you have anything published?

Do you have anything published?

I had to dig out these pictures as they were taken in 2010 when my short contemporary romance was printed in the Scribblers Anthology. The proceeds of the sale went to charity, I think it was the East Anglian Childrens Hospice.

My first article was published when I just a kid by Leyton Orient in their fanzine. Over the years I’ve written a number of blog articles on a wide range of topics (writing, gaming, sex, fashion, conservation, etc).

My dream is to be a published author. I’ve lost count of the number of years I’ve worked towards this dream. One day, I will see my novel in a bookshop, I just feel like it is what I am meant to do. How about you?

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