I am never short of ideas to write, just time to work on them. Today, I am going to share with you where I get my inspiration so you too can have an abundance of ideas.

Where I get my inspiration:


My story Jewel of the sea was inspired by a photograph of a couple kissing underwater.


Listening to songs can often drive emotions and take you to places that creates a story.


Sometimes I am watching or reading something and it inspires me to write my own story.


Not everyone can remember there dreams but if you can your subconscious can be a great source of ideas.

People watch

Watching the world go by gives plenty of opportunities to generate ideas or characters and these can be the start of something.

Take a walk

Not only is it a great way to clear your head but whilst you are out you will see things to spark ideas.

Experience new things

Learning and doing new things will generate new ideas.  You can also learn about new things from other people sharing their experiences with you.

What if?

Asking what if.  Everytime you ask this question it pushes you to think and imagine what next and start building a story.


You can use experiences from your own past or research historical events or periods to get your imagination going.

I would love to hear whether you use any of the above methods to come up with ideas and I would love to hear of any methods you use that I’ve not mentioned.

Image by artist Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

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