New Moon - Coming Soon

YA Contemporary Fantasy Romance set in the 90s

A holiday romance that changes her forever.

A fortuneteller tells Denny about a fated love, and moments after the reading, Denny meets a guy that fits the description. Her boring family holiday suddenly becomes a whole lot more interesting. 
When Denny returns to the city she can’t get him off her mind, but he isn’t answering her calls or responding to her letters. And, now Denny is pregnant!

With everyone encouraging her to forget him and give up the baby, Denny sacrifices everything to get her true love back.

New Moon - Coming Soon!

New Moon is currently being drafted. It is on pause whilst I work on publishing Sky Heart.  New Moon will need a number of edits and professional formatting before ARC readers, and release. It will need a professional cover, as the one currently in use is just a mock up I made.