Being a mermaid brings a new depth to ‘it’s complicated.’

High school teen Mariah’s life is anything but simple.  Between a crush on her best friend and a rivalry brewing with the swim team star, her powers awaken early.  

When Mariah’s guardian meddles in her life with magic, she causes more harm than good.  The soul reapers are coming and there’s a werewolf hungry for merblood.  All secrets wash ashore sooner or later, and Mariah’s about to discover hers.

Mixing a messy love life with deadly powers will whip up a storm of trouble.  Can Mariah contain it or will she be swept up in its wake?

A gripping story about a mermaid, self acceptance, and romance that literally sparks.

Progress update: Ocean Heart is out now, in bookshops, online, and in libraries. Fans are invited to join my Facebook Group The Soul Heart Readers. Visit my Ocean Heart page to learn more.

Sky Heart, book 2 in the Soul Heart Series, coming in 2021

Sky Heart

Kiely got dumped for Christmas. Heartbroken she makes rash decisions to get over her ex-boyfriend, starting with a blindfold and a mystery kisser.

Kiely’s new wild lifestyle places her in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she must stay alive, as she’s drawn into an ancient shifter war with werewolves and reapers.

Kiely’s battle to overcome her ex is about to take her to new heights.

Progress update: This novel was almost finished until I ripped it apart. It’s now only 30% complete. It will be the second book in the Soul Heart series and I’m aiming for ARC to be ready summer 2021.

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