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Book 1, The Soul Heart Series
Ocean Heart
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Book 2, The Soul Heart Series
Sky Heart
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Prequel 0.2, The Soul Heart Series
Dark Heart
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Prequel 0.1, The Soul Heart Series
Summer Heart
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The Soul Heart Series

Set in the current day, The Soul Heart series is a YA Contemporary Fantasy series primarily set in Felixstowe, Suffolk, England. It has coming-of-age themes, shifters, magic, and lots of romance.

Each book is told from a different character’s perspective and can be read as a standalone but this is the recommended reading order:

  1. Ocean Heart
  2. Sky Heart
  3. Forest Heart

Ocean Heart – Book 1

Being a mermaid brings a new meaning to it’s complicated!

Sky Heart – Book 2

Coming Soon

Soul Heart Novellas

These are shorter novels that are set in the same world as the main Soul Heart series with similar themes and tell the tales of other characters in the books.

There are two prequels in development:

  1. Summer Heart
  2. Dark Heart

Summer Heart

Summer Heart in Development

Dark Heart

Dark Heart in Development

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