Recipe: Apple Pots with Crumble and Cream

I hope you are keeping well. During Covid-19. Lots of people aren’t able to get their full food shop and are having to get creative.

You’ll be pleased that this quick recipe is a delicious treat that doesn’t use many ingredients. If you are dairy free, vegan or a strict Paleo you can use coconut cream or skip it entirely.

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Recipe: Grilled Chicken with Mango and Salsa

This is February’s recipe. The month flew by so fast that it didn’t make the blog for the end of the month. But, this super simple recipe was worth the wait.

My hubby leaves out the chilli for the kids as they don’t handle spice well. It’s super quick, healthy, and fills hungry tummies.

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Recipe: Salmon Fillet with Pesto and Mozerella

I am terrible in the kitchen. If left to my own devices I would either starve, burn the house down or over eat processed foods & takeaways.

Thankfully my husband is more gifted at cooking than me. He also is good at coming up with healthy varied meals.

I asked him to do a ‘recipe of the month’ for my blog and hope this will become a monthly feature.

Healthy eating can be hard after along day but this recipe is quick and easy. So put down your nachos and dip and get some nutrition in you.

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