My everyday makeup

I’m in such a rush in the mornings that my makeup routine has to be quick. The best way to speed things up is to reduce the number of products that I use. Currently, these are the makeup products I use everyday.

Nui Cosmetics

I use their liquid foundation in the shade Intense Kanapa (RRP £42). What I like about this product is you can build it up. It also dries to give a natural matt look. 

Vapour Organic Beauty

I love all vapour products but have to budget buying them. This concealer in 010 (RRP £24) is my favourite as it gives full cover but is soft and creamy so doesn’t look dry and caked on. I think the moisture helps imperfections heal faster too.

Tarte Cosmestics

I have two palletes and this one has more subtle colours which is perfect for day time as I don’t want to look too done up for a school run. This pallette is Rainforest of the Sea volume III (RRP £30).


This mascara in shade Abyss is black and waterproof (RRP £15.49). With all the changing hormones post pregnancy, this has been a blessing.


I love these lipsticks and my current shade is Noble (RRP £25). It’s a brick red (slight orange tone to it). Not only do I use this on my life but I add a little to my cheeks as a sheer blush and I’m good to go.

Here is me in my everyday make up. My hair is a mess as I’ve been running around with the kids and Aria likes to pull hair and put banana in it. A mums life is oh so glamorous -lol.

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My gifted makeup haul!

I am one lucky girl. My husband spoilt me at Christmas to lots of makeup from my wish-list.

Here is what I got:

Two eyeshadow palettes from Tarte:

The differences between them are explained below but I wanted to cover what I love about both of them, just once.

The palettes feel very strong and sturdy. I’m not sure how deep the pans go, but potentially they could be very deep.

I love the big mirror in the lid. I think it slightly magnifies my face so I can see myself more easily.

Both palettes come with a leaflet giving two example looks that can be created and instructions on how to achieve it.

Tarte: Rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette volume II

This palette is able to create everyday looks or dramatic evening looks. As I don’t get out much in the evenings, I’m choosing to use the darker shades to softly line my eyes. There’s a mix of matte and shimmer shadows.

Tarte: Rainforest of the sea has highlighting eyeshadow palette vol III

This palette has lighter shades and good for daytime looks only. All the shades have a shimmer. Although, I don’t find this palette as exciting, I do feel it is more practical for my lifestyle and will get used more.

Tarte: Lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara

So far, I am getting on alright with this mascara. Any mascara makes my lashes look better (or at least visable). It hasn’t irritated my eyes or left smudges or flakes under my eyes. I like it.

Tarte: Rainforest if the sea radiance drops

I had no idea what this was when I added it to my wishlist but it’s a best seller and I was curious. I’m still not sure even now I have it – lol.

It comes out on a pipette and is an oil. The oil has a gold shimmer to it. Is it skincare, makeup or a hybrid of the two?

I’ve been dabbing it on like a highlighter and like the effect. It makes my skin look healthier like I am glowing.

Two Axiology lipsticks

Before I go into the shades I want to tell you why I love these lipsticks.

Firstly, they contain no harmful ingredients. They do not support animal testing at all. They are certified vegan and don’t use palm oil.

I love the lipstick cases. You push the base and they pop up. It’s so satisfying! They look beautiful and are recyclable.

Axiology: Lipstick – The Goodness

This was my most used lipstick of 2018 and it ran out. I’m so glad to have it back. I’m sad I caught the tip in my excitement getting it out and now already looks used.

This lipstick is a shimmery nude shade. It’s just for lips but I like putting it on my cheeks too as a highlighting blush. It is very pretty and natural.

Axiology: Lipstick – Worth/Radiance

This will be my lipstick on 2019! It is an orangey red shade on me and looks gorgeous. It’s quite subtle and sadly doesn’t last long so needs to be reapplied but it is such a pretty colour. I love it.

Nui Cosmetics: Liquid foundation – Intense Kanapa

This is my favourite organic foundation. I apply it with my fingers or a sponge. You can build it up easily to get the coverage you need and has a nice smell to it.

Would I recommend?

Yes! My husband has done really well. I am so happy with this haul which will keep me going during maternity leave.

Everything feels good on my skin, doesn’t irritate and looks awesome. I feel excited to do my makeup and play with my new products.

Have you tried any of the above or get any new beauty products for Christmas?

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Why was Iceland’s advert banned?

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My top 10 beauty products of 2018!

So to wrap up the year, I am having a look back at what my favourite beauty products were.  These are the ones that got all used up and needed to be replaced.

Axicology lipstick – Goodness

This shade of lipstick gives my lips a natural but better look.  In addition, when I am in a rush, I have applied it to my cheeks as a highlighter/blush and think it looks awesome.

In addition, I love the tube of these lipsticks.  You click the bottom to pop the lipstick up.

Nui Costmetics Foundation Intense Kanapa

This foundation is brilliant. Not only is it all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff but it is also a really effective foundation. You can build up the coverage until you are happy and it has a really nice smell.

Pacifica Beauty Multi Mineral BB Cream

This can be used as a primer or just as a light product to even out your skin tone. I use it everyday for the school run as it gives a really natural look and is light on my skin.

Benecos Natural Eyeshadow – Rose Quartz

This eyeshadow is a lovely rose gold. It gives a slight shimmer but isn’t over powering.  Its a nice natural everyday shade.

Simply Redheads Henna Shampoo/Conditioner

I’ve had my eye on this shampoo for ages and glad that I finally gave it a go.  This shampoo makes my hair feel so good.  I was seriously impressed by the customer service in answering my queries.

I bought two massive bottles and they have lasted ages so they are really reasonably priced.  It is almost empty and I know I will have to repurchase.

A.S Apothacary – Wild Beauty Balm Concerntrate

Whenever my skin needs a little TLC, I reach for this moisturiser.  It comes out in a yellow colour but it is full of so much goodness and my skin really soaks it up.

Butter Bar Soapery Body Polish

As someone who finds no joy in body scrubs as they are scatchy and nasty, this one has truly converted me.  It scrubs the skin but it is so rich in moisture your skin doesn’t feel raw afterwards.  I look forward to using it as it is a real treat.

Roques O’Neil Therapie Bath Detox Salts

I saved these salts for after labour to help with healing and loved them.  I look forward to when I can find time to have a bath to enjoy these are they are a real treat.

NK Naturals Delicate Healing Cleansing Balm

Whenever hormones makes my skin play up, this cleanser brings it back to being balanced.  It is so gentle I have even used it to remove eye makeup.  I like the strong honey smell but that might not suit everyone.

BAO Skincare Apricot Rose Face Polish

I never thought I would trust a scrub on my face but this polish is really gentle and feels like a treat on my skin. 

What I want in 2019

I discovered a lot of the above products through my Skin Organics Clean Beauty Box.  If I can afford to subscribe again then I definitley will.

Other than replacing the above products when they run out, I would be interested in trying out other products by the brands.

I also enjoyed using a lot of lip balms, body oils and facial spritz but although I loved using them, I wasn’t in love with one that it was my most favourite.  I think in 2019, I would like to try more of those products to find the one.

Have you tried any of the above products?  Have you got any recomendations for me.

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Happy #LittleMermaidDay – Check out these mermaid beauty products!

Being a redhead, I have always had a love for the Little Mermaid, ever since Disney released the movie.

It was one of the first films I watched at the cinema.  It was my birthday and my mum took me and my best friend.  Before the cinema we went swimming and pretended to be mermaids.  Afterwards, we ate at McDonald’s who had Little Mermaid toys and we both got Flounder.  It was late night Christmas Shopping and the Body Shop had just opened.  Mum treated us to a bar of soap and when we got home, my best friend and I had a bath together.

I’ve continued to love mermaids and if you follow my blog you’ll know I have even written a YA novel about one.  

Today is Little Mermaid Day!

To celebrate, I thought I would share with you my wish list of mermaid themed ethical beauty products.

Captain Blakenship – Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

What could be more mermazing than a spray to add some glitz to your tresses.  It uses all organic ingredients and will add texture as well as shimmer and can be bought in gold, silver or rose-gold.  Buy the Captain Blakenship Mermaid Magic Shimmer Set from Jolie for £23.40.

They also do a mermaid dry shampoo, hair oil and face mask.  

Tropics Skincare – Blue Lagoon Blemish Prevention Skincare

This is a brand new product to this ethical brands collection!  Mermaid’s need flawless skin to capture sailor’s hearts. With a name like ‘blue lagoon’ it’s a siren call to your nearest ambassador or visit their site – costs £42.

Bellapierre – Eye Shimmer Kit in Deep Ocean

I found this gorgeous kit on Naturismo for £29.99 (worth £81). This kit makes uses of blues and complimentary shades, perfect for fans of the ocean.  The brand uses natural ingredients for their pigmented mineral products.  

100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Mermaid Palette

If blue is not your thing then this alternative eye palette with shades of coral, gold and green might be more your thing. The fruit pigmented palette costs £45.26.

Tarte Cosmetics

This cruelty free brand has so much for mermaid lovers to choose from. Here is a small selection of their fintastic products:

I hope you have the best Little Mermaid day and I would love to hear about your MERchandise ;) 

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Eco Beauty Products to get you in the mood for Halloween

I love makeup and could spend a small fortune if I had money to burn. Here are some beauty products I am lusting after that have a Halloween vibe:

Lily Lolo

I’ve lusted after Lily Lolo’s black mineral eye shadow called WitchyPoo for years but never got around to buying it. With a name like that, it has to be the Halloween feels winner! RRP £6.50

This natural beauty brand is proud to be chemical free and cruelty free.

Medusa makeup

I love their Witch Lash mascara, RRP $12.00, but if you look through their site you’ll find plenty of Halloween theme names for their products, like Kiss Me Deadly lip gloss or Blue Moon lipstick.

This brand with it’s bold colours is vegan and cruelty free.

Vapour Beauty

The highlighters have a Halloween feel to their names like Halo or best of all Trick Stick. RRP $20.00. I already love their Atmosphere foundation and Illusionist concealer.

This brand delivers high performance and quality organic products.

Jane Iredale

I choose this one not for the products name but for what it does. Just Kissed – Lip and Cheek Stain comes in three shades. This lip stain magically transform into a unique shade just for you (without harmful chemicals). Choose pink, peach or red.

This brand is clean, green and cruelty free organic brand.

My Halloween makeup

I think together they’d make a great evening look. Perhaps, by next year, I’ll have bought it and be in a position where I am confident to leave the little ones with a baby sitter and go out for the night.

Have you seen any make up with a Halloween vibe?

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My summer favourites!

Here are the products that I’ve loved this summer.

Alba Botanical

Sunscreen SPF 50 (RRP £15.99)

This has been one of the hottest summers in a long time and sun safety is important to me.

What I love about this product is the twisty caps to open and close meaning you never worry about loosing the lid. Being able to spray makes application quick and I can reach everywhere easily. It is clear, so I don’t get white streaks and it doesn’t stain my clothes.

The Kids bottle is my 4y old son’s but when my sensitive one runs out, I have used his. The kids one smells great with a fruity scent – an added bonus. We have reordered both more than once this summer!

The product is free of nasty chemicals, has a broad spectrum protection and recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, it’s non-sticky and biodegradable. Plus, it’s water resistant for up to 80 minutes!


Summer Mist (RRP £13.00)

The frangipani flower on the front of the bottle is my wedding flower and first attracted me to the product.

What I love is that this summer scent is designed to stay fresh in the heat with ingredients that are photosensitive. It has a beautiful light fruity scent that isn’t overpowering. All the ingredients are natural and will leave skin soft and not sticky.


Sun Protection Lip Balm SPF 15 (RRP £4.99)

This lip product is moisturising and protective in the sun. The zinc oxide in it, is a natural sun protection and I think it does lighten my lip slightly but I like the look. It is meant to have a flavour but I can’t smell or taste it so it’s very light. All the ingredients and organic.


Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist (mine is a sample/travel size. The full 60ml RRP £24.00)

I have been loving facial mists this summer to keep myself cool but this one was my favourite.

In addition to refreshing my skin and being free of harmful chemicals, this product protects your skin from pollution and boosts your defences. I don’t live in a high pollution area but it made my skin feel great and I noticed a difference.

Salt of the Earth

Natural Deodeant (RRP £5.99)

I have been using the pink Lavender and Vanilla one for a while now and love the scent. Sometimes, I think lavender can smell a bit old fashioned but this is a gentle clean smell.

I decided to give the melon and cucumber one a go. The cucumber smell is stronger than the melon, it gives off a refreshing unisex scent.

At first, I found it strange that it felt like I was spraying my underarm with water as it feels wet. My old deodorant coated my pit in a dry powder. I gave it a go and I am so glad I did. It is gentle on the skin under there which is often forgotten and doesn’t make me feel itchy whereas my old deodeant did.

Smelling fresh all day in the heat without irritated skin makes summer so much better so it made my list.

Review: The Pip Box (July)

What is The Pip Box?

It’s a cruelty free beauty subscription box and contains a selection of five products – skincare, body care, makeup and occasionally a sweet treat too.  Plus, a 50p donation from the sale of each box goes to an animal friendly charity (Animal Free Research).    In addition, you earn loyalty points for each purchase which can then be used for money off future boxes.

Cost:  £13.50 (+£3.95 P&P) subscription, UK

Refer a friend scheme:  Every time you refer three friends, you get a free The Pip Box.  If you’d like to sign up, use my friend link:

What was in my box?

The box came with an information card to tell me all about the products inside and their value.

Green People: Sun Lotion SPF 15 (sheet lists price as £6)

As a redhead, I do appreciate sun lotion although this SPF is a lot lower than I use. I will likely give this to my husband or wait until it is mot quite so hot to use.

The product has natural ingredients for UV filters, antioxidants and tan accelerator. It came with a booklet about their other sun products including a Childrens range.

Make-up Eraser: Mini Travel Cloth (sheet lists price as £5)

The sample version hasn’t got the seen edges and warns it may fray. Instantly loved the redhead mermaid on the packaging.

It is for removing makeup using only water. I’ve added it to my hospital bag as it sounds like a great idea. Although, I’m barely wearing makeup at the moment.

On their site they have other designs including some with pretty patterns.

Peony: Matcha BB Powder SPF 15 (sheet lists price as £16.99)

I love make-up with spf so I am looking forward to trying this powder to reduce shine and add some protection. It is a talc-free too.

Vintage Cosmetics: Betty false eyelashes (sheet lists price as £6)

They claim to give you almond shape eyes and can be used up to four times. I’m hoping to get a family pic done once baby is here and will use these lashes to give me that extra oomph at the shoot. They offer free shipping to UK and US.

La Ritzy: Black eye pencil (she lists price as £15)

I tried it right away and it gave a rich black colour and applied smoothly. It didn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. The brand is vegan and paraben free.


Reflect on previous box

This is how I got on using the products from my June box:

Zerreau: Coconut Towel Off Shampoo (sheet lists price as £3.99)

There were some great videos of others using this but for me it wasn’t great. It made my hair looking cleaner but I didn’t like the feel. I’m sure I’ll use it up but I won’t buy it. It’s not for me.

Dermadeli: Rejuvinating Toner (sheet lists price as £1.50)

It is empty! That’s got to be a sign that I loved it. I used it on hot days to freshen my face and on a few occasions my husband and son asked for a quick spritz. I plan buy this again – may even get the bigger size.

LaRitzy: NUE Eyeshadow Palette (sheet lists prove as £35.99)

I’m not in love with this palette and won’t buy again. I found the colours were not very pigmented and didn’t show up well on my pale skin.

Hurraw: Sun Lip Balm SPF15 (sheet lists price as £3.99)

I was very pleased with this product. The SPF causes a slight paleness to the lip but it feels good and I like that it has protection. This is a favourite.

The Vintage Cosmetics: Matchbox Mini Emery Boards (sheet lists price as £3.95)

I’ve not needed to use these yet but they are a useful product to have and will get used in time.

Chewsy: 100% Natural Chewing Gum (sheet lists price as £1.25)

This sticky gum tasted yum. It didn’t last long as I ate it quickly. I’ve not seen it in shops and I doubt I’d order it online but I would love to have it again.

Would I recommend?

I’ve cancelled my subscription – only because I’m not on maternity leave and need to be more careful with my spending. I will resubscribe to The Pip Box in the future as I really like the reward scheme, supporting a charity and discovering cruelty-free brands.

I plan to look back over my past boxes and work out what was great or not.

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Review product from my Naturismo box

The Healing makeup discover box (worth £70)

Back in June, I did a first impressions post of the Naturismo box I purchased.  Click here to see the post.

I’ve been using the products for just over a month now and feel I am in a good position so say how I got on with using them and what I liked, or didn’t like.  Here we go:

Dr Hauschka: Lip Gloss (raspberry)

I won’t rebuy this.  I like colour on my lips and this is too natural for me.  It gives a little gloss but doesn’t last long.  It’s not tacky and actually feels very moisturising.

Bellapierre Cosmetics: Blush (Autumn Glow)

I won’t buy this because it is so orange on me, it is more like a bronzer.  The product is very pigmented so I think I would enjoy other shades by this brand and plan to check them out in future.

Inika Organic: Certified Organic Lip Tint (Candy)

It feels more like a balm than a tint.  The colour is a very pale nude and doesn’t last long on my lips.  I’ll use it for natural days but I won’t rebuy.

RMS Beauty: “Un” Powder

The sample pot is quite small which makes it tricky to get the powder out.  I like the little powder puff but I found I prefer applying it with a brush.  It did highlight the dry skin on my nose so unless I need my make up to last a few hours, I didn’t find myself reaching for this.  I don’t think I will rebuy this powder but I really liked having the opportunity to try it as it has been on my wish list for a long time.

Odacite: Black Mint Cleanser

I really like this cleanser.  It didn’t make it into my hospital bag because I tried it once and liked it so much that I started using it every day and it has almost run out.  I’d like to rebuy this but it’s not cheap. I found the zingy minty freshness really good in the morning and my skin feels so clean after using it.

Pacifica Beauty: Stellar Gaze mascara (black)

I can never have enough black mascara.  As my eyes are quite sensitive in this heat and keep watering I did have an issue with this mascara running.  I had to go back to my trusty Pacifica waterproof version.  However, I wore it on a night out and it was fine. I think I will keep it in the draw ready for the cooler months.  I would buy this again.

REN Skincare: Flash Defence Anti- Pollution Mist

This was the first empty. I really liked this toner and found it so refreshing.  I would want to rebuy this product.  I am also very tempted by their Glow AHA Tonic as it reminds me of Glow by Pixi.  Now, I have found the brands products effective I am interested in trying more by them.

Estelle & Thild: Sample sachets

Tinted moisturiser: I suspected that this would not be light enough but I tried the tinted moisturiser and I really like.  The colour is perfect and my skin looks so healthy.  Its very sheer so I still need a concealer for blemishes but in this hot weather a tinted moisturiser is all I want.  I am pleasantly surprised and interested in buying this again.

Healthy glow foundation:  


I am pleased that I got to try these products out.  It had helped me discover new brands and try items from my wish list.  I have been surprised by some products and disappointed by others, however, at only £2.50 each it was a very affordable way to discover what is right for me.

Head over to Naturismo to see their current offers on a wide range of organic brands.

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Review: The Pip Box (June)

What is The Pip Box?

It’s a cruelty free beauty subscription box and contains a selection of five products – skincare, body care, makeup and occasionally a sweet treat too.  Plus, a 50p donation from the sale of each box goes to an animal friendly charity (Animal Free Research).    In addition, you earn loyalty points for each purchase which can then be used for money off future boxes.

Cost:  £13.50 (+£3.95 P&P) subscription, UK

Refer a friend scheme:  Every time you refer three friends, you get a free The Pip Box.  If you’d like to sign up, use my friend link:

What was in my box?

The box came with an information card to tell me all about the products inside and their value.

Zerreau: Coconut Towel Off Shampoo (sheet lists price as £3.99)

This product is a hybrid dry shampoo that cleans your hair without using water. Spray the foam on and towel off.

This sounds like a great idea and I am looking forward to trying it out. I imagine festival goers would love it and it could be handy to freshen up down the beach. It may be useful at hospital or those early days with a newborn where you can’t tear yourself away from your little one or think straight due to no sleep.

As you can see from the photo, they’ve also included a discount for their new towel off body foam!

Dermadeli: Rejuvinating Toner (sheet lists price as £1.50)

This travel size 10ml toner arrived as I was in need of a toner. I started using it right away and it’s very refreshing. It is also the perfect size to throw in your handbag and freshen up on the go. If I didn’t desperately need it, I may have put it in my hospital bag.

LaRitzy: NUE Eyeshadow Palette (sheet lists prove as £35.99)

This is a full size palette of everyday nude shades to create a variety of looks that would suit most people for daytime or evening.

I was looking forward to this product as they gave a teaser and I am low on eyeshadow. However, my first impressions of the packaging hasn’t blown me away. The plastic casing looks a little cheap and mine has a scratch on the front.

Hurraw: Sun Lip Balm SPF15 (sheet lists price as £3.99)

I had this balm last summer and loved it. I was disappointed when hunting for my summer essentials that I couldn’t find it and bought any SPF lip product on the high street.

What I love about THIS product is the added SPF protection, the organic ingredients and how good it feels.

The Vintage Cosmetics: Matchbox Mini Emery Boards (sheet lists price as £3.95)

These are just really pretty. I recently broke my Ruby & Millie glass file that I loved for years and keep forgetting to get a new file. These will get used. Did I point out how pretty they are?

Chewsy: 100% Natural Chewing Gum (sheet lists price as £1.25)

This is a bonus item that Pip have included in addition to the five products promised. What makes this gum special is the ingredients are 100% natural and sugar free.

I decided to give it a go whilst taking the pics and it is really yummy. It has a fresh minty taste with a little zest. I did find myself popping bubbles and it worked but is really stick and I had to wash it off my lips. Lol 😆

Reflect on previous box

This is how I got on using the products from my May box:

Conscious Skincare: Shampoo (sheet lists price as £3.99)

Conscious Skincare: Conditioner (sheet lists price as £3.99)

I haven’t tried out as it has a warning not to be used during pregnancy. It is in my hospital bag for after labour. It smells good and I’m sure it will pick me up and freshen me up after all the pushing.

MoYou: Nail Plate, Stamp & Scraper (sheet lists price as £9.99)

I was so excited to receive this as I am awful at painting my nail. I watched the tutorial videos on how to use and how to avoid common mistakes. I bought new polish by…..

Sadly, when I attempted to create beautiful nail designs as promised… It didn’t work. My polish may not be suitable. I’ll try again with other brands but I was very disappointed. Currently a fail 😞.

Bloomtown: Roll on infused oil (sheet lists price as £4.80)

This I love. The smell is gentle and calming. It’s also organic and has only natural ingredients.

I’m taking it to hospital with me to use as my perfume as the little size is very handy. I would buy this again.

Glo By Glory:  Semi Matte Liquid Lipstick (website & sheet lists price as £16.99)

I was really pleased to receive this but only used it twice. Firstly, the colour is a tad dark for me. Secondly, I’ve found it really messy to apply. Being a dark colour it is very unforgiving. I don’t want to look like Mary Sanderson from Hovus Pocus!

Would I recommend?

Sadly, the two main beauty products this month were not a success with me. I shall continue to subscribe to The Pip Box and really like the reward scheme, supporting a charity and discovering more cruelty free brands.

I think when I am on maternity leave I will have to pause my subscription but this will give a chance to rebut some of the wonderful products I have discovered through Pip. I’m still subscribed for now, so I’ll enjoy it while I can.

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Naturismo box

The Healing makeup discover box (worth £70)

Every so often Naturismo does a box with a selection of products at a steal of the price. This box was £17.95. That’s about £2.50 per item!

It a great opportunity to try new products. It’s also worth signing up to their news letter to be aware of all their offers as they constantly have a range of deals going.

Naturismo don’t have a minimum spend and shipping is always free. Plus they have a huge selection of samples. It’s one of my favourite online beauty stores.

Here’s what I got:

Dr Hauschka: Lip Gloss (raspberry)

On the brush it looks very vibrant but it’s actually a very neutral colour and give lips a glossy sheen of pink. It does feel lovely on, not tacky but sadly doesn’t last long.

Bellapierre Cosmetics: Blush (Autumn Glow)

This brand has made it to my basket many times but never the checkout, so I was really pleased to finally try it.

The blusher is very pigmented and this coral pink is too orange for my lily white skin and looks like bronzer on me. I’d describe the colour as ginger because it matches my naturally red hair.

Despite the fact the colour is not for me, the brand has lived up to my expectations. I always thought they have strong pigmented colours and saw them as the Barry M of the organic world.

Inika Organic: Certified Organic Lip Tint (Candy)

I have been looking at this brand recently and considering their face powders. It was nice to try this lip product.

I wouldn’t describe it as a tint. It’s highly hydrating and gives your lips a subtle nude look (your lips but better).

It is nice but I doubt I’ll re-buy as it is a lot like my Axicology lipstick which I prefer.

RMS Beauty: “Un” Powder

I’m already a fan of RMS products and haven’t tried this powder yet.

I was planning on buying a new face powder and was contemplating trying Jane Iredale’s SPF powder or repurchasing Lily Lolo’s setting powder.

This powder is very light. I like how the little pot came with a little sponge pouf for application. My skin feels soft and it is helping keep the shine away.

Odacite: Black Mint Cleanser

This cleanser is good for all sorts of skin complaints. I haven’t tried it as I’ve put this cute travel size cleanser in my hospital bag.

Pacifica Beauty: Stellar Gaze mascara (black)

This mascara is designed to lengthen and strengthen lashes. I really don’t notice much difference between mascaras. I do prefer black and I love Pacifica mascaras as they don’t irritate my eyes. I usually buy the waterproof one so it is nice to try a different formula from their brand.

My makeup draw now has a good selection of Pacifica products. I am a fan and will buy more of their products.

REN Skincare: Flash Defence Anti- Pollution Mist

I have been looking for a facial spray to cool me down on hot summer days and I remember how in November the labour ward was hotter than hell, so I think I need this considering I’m going to be heavily pregnant this summer and on that ward this August.

I’ve used it a few times and found it incredibly refreshing. I’m being reserved with it as I’m concerned the little bottle will get used up too quickly.

I am so happy with this product. It makes me feel good.

Estelle & Thild: Sample sachets

I’m least bothered about trying these out as I doubt their ’light’ will be light enough. However, I plan to do a review on pale foundations and will test these out and report back on where it’s light enough for the pale skinned girl.

I do love the soft colours on their packaging and this it is ever so pretty.


I am very pleased with what I got. There all things I have been curious to try and otherwise would never have got around to it and I think the price is outstanding.

Head over to Naturismo to see their current offers on a wide range of organic brands.

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