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YA Contemporary Fantasy Romance

A broken heart is just the start of Kiely’s problems.

Keily got dumped for Christmas. To get over her ex, she’s  willing to try anything, starting with a blindfold and a mystery kisser.

Her new wild lifestyle places her in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now she’s battling to stay alive, as she’s drawn into an ancient shifter war with werewolves and reapers.

Getting over her ex is nothing compared to the battle that awaits her. Bad choices and lies, puts those she loves in danger. Can she master her new powers in time to save them, or will she condemn them all to darkness?

A coming of age, fantasy romance about overcoming heartbreak, self acceptance, and forgiveness.

Sky Heart - Coming Soon!

Sky Heart has been written, edited, and read by beta readers.  It is now having a final edit and booked in with the formatter. On Thursday, 11th May 2023, Sky Heart’s new cover will be revealed.

Now you can sign up as an ARC reader. There isn’t an official release date yet but you will get at least two months notice to enable you time to read and review. Use the Jot Form below to sign up to get an advance reader copy of Sky Heart.