Other Projects

I have a box in the loft full of first drafts. It is unlikely those novels will ever be shared with the world. They are a physical reminder that I have a never ending supply of stories. On this page I’ll share the ideas that I am developing on this side but not fully working on.

The Soul Heart series.

Ocean Heart and Sky Heart are the first two books in this series. I have so many ideas and some of the books are almost finished first drafts. Look out for a Kitsune, Luna’s tale, astral projection, a witch and snake shifters. Some might be novellas.

Tinsel Tiger

This picture book is written I just need time to query. If I decide to self publish, I will need to find an artist.  

Scarlet House

Is paranormal erotica a genre? This is a steamy NA romance I started work on during Camp NaNo April 2019.  It involves vampires, friendship and addiction.


This futuristic fantasy is one I’ve started lots of time and I am determined to write.  It is set in a world that has been polluted by magic and fairy tales are prophesies.  

Daisy Chain

This is a YA contemporary fiction story about friendship and bullying in the digital age.

Magic Three

I don’t have a title and I’ve not started this yet other than ideas.  Will be about three witches and their demon.

Gargoyle School

This is a plan for a middle grade fantasy book aimed at boys. It something I’d look my son to enjoy.

A Poetry Collection

I once was an active contributor to an app called Opuss and was one of the first featured poets. I kept many of the poems and hope to one day create a poetry collection. In fact, Tinsel Tiger is an adaptation of one.

The Deadly Unseen

A dystopian novel about a virus that changes the dynamics of the world as we know it.

Many More:  These are just the stories fighting for my immediate attention.  I am trying to stay focused on one project at the time to get things done.  I have so many other ideas too. I have always wanted to write a story about faeries or dragons.