Poems for April

April appears to be the month for celebrating all things poetry.  I am aware of two groups promoting poetry celebration in April so I shall start by introducing them.

April for Poetry


Academy of American Poets – National Poetry Month

The Academy of American Poets founded National Poetry Month in April 1996.  The celebration is used to acknowledge the achievements of American poets, share poems and encourage support and awareness of their work.

Click here to find out more about the celebration.


Maureen Thorson – NaPoWriMo

It was started in 2003 by Maureen Thorson, a poet living in Washington, DC.  She was inspired by NaNoWriMo – hence the similar name.  It stands for National Poetry Writing Month.  The challenge is to write one poem a day for the 30 days of April.

Click here to find out more about how to participate.

30 days of poems.png

Taking the challenge

So, I am going to dare to take the NaPoWriMo challenge.  It might not be great to start with as it is a while since I’ve written any poetry but I hope we will see an improvement towards the end.  I also hope that I find time to participate everyday.

Please let me know if you are taking part or have a poetry blog. It would motivate me to see what you are doing and I would find it inspirational.

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