How to get free baby stuff

Here are the things I have managed to get for free for my baby and how:

Emma’s Diary

Signing up to their site gives you generic info on how your pregnancy is progressing based on your due date.  They also have printable money off vouchers for Argos and regularly have online deals by other brand.  It is worth checking their site before buying something.

In addition, everyone who sign up gets a voucher to collect a pack of products from Boot/Argos for different stages of their pregnancy.  Here is what mine contained:

Emma's Diary - pack 1

Pack 1:

  • Leaflets by sponsors
  • 2x Pregnacare Original prenatal vitamins (19 in each box)
  • Bepanthen nappy cream
  • Lansinoh Ultra thin, stay dry nursing pads (2 pack)

Emma's Diary - pack 2

Pack 2:

  • Leaflets by sponsors
  • Pampers premium nappies size 1 (22 in pack)
  • Aquafresh Milk teeth toothpaste
  • Lansinoh Ultra thin, stay dry nursing pads (2 pack)

Emma's Diary - pack 3

Pack 3:

  • Leaflets by sponsors
  • Pampers premium protection nappies size 2 (3 in pack)
  • Aquafresh Milk teeth toothpaste
  • Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bags (2 pack)
  • Fairy non-bio liquid and fabric softener

Baby Box University

By watching some videos on safe sleeping (very useful) and answering some questions, you then qualify for a free baby box (might be limited to certain areas of the UK).   You can collect the box for free baby box or pay p&p to get it delivered. I paid £5.99 to have mine delivered as the nearest collection point was quite drive for me.

Baby Box

Here is what I got:

  • Information pack on safe sleeping in a zipped bag
  • A baby box (safe for baby to sleep in)
  • A mattress
  • A mattress sheet
  • A light blanket for baby
  • A vest

Sample product

Some brands sell a sample of their product so you can see the quality before buying. You will likely need to pay p&p to receive the item.

I did this with The Finnish Baby Box company who create ‘everything you need for baby in one box’ (48 items of high quality Scandinavian style clothes and other useful products for baby’s first year).  The contents is gender neutral but they will ask about when the baby is due and the climate so they can tailor the contents to be suitable for the right times in the year.

The long sleeved vest I received is really cute and feels lovely.  I am very tempted to treat myself to a whole box, however, the box isn’t cheap… then again, it is a years supply of unisex clothing to get you started.

Finnish baby box

Enter competitions

This does rely on luck and doesn’t guarantee you will win. I entered via Instagram with brand The Little Art Collection and won this beautiful poppy design bamboo muslin for my baby girl (due in August).  The muslin is retails at £12.50 and my prize included P&P.

I love it so much I bought an expecting friend a swaddle in another design.  I’m also tempted to buy more… so beware, if the products are good you will be tempted to start spending.

Free giveaways

I missed this one but on Facebook Lidl were giving away their own brand, Lupily, of nappies for free in sizes 1, 2 and 3. Usually, their nappies only cost 86p for a pack so they are really affordable. However, when something is so cheap people are dubious about whether they will work?

Speaking to friends who use Lupily about the effectiveness have found them great. One friend uses them during the day on her toddler and both day and night on her newborn. She swears by the whole Lidl baby range and has saved a fortune.

I guess this is why Lidl gave them away for free, to spread the word that their affordable baby products work! For 86p you can’t really go wrong.

During my last pregnancy, lots of baby brands offered free products if you signed up to their newsletter. I loved my weening guide by Hipp Organic and the little cow toy from Cow & Gate. All the newsletters had bite size tips to help busy mums get the info they need and money off their products.

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