Book Review: Teen Killers in Love by Lily Sparks

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About the book

Teen Killers in Love by Lily Sparks

My thoughts

This book is the 2nd in the series but I read it without reading the first.

Jumping straight in at the action was very exciting. Signal is on the run with Eric and out to clear her name. There is a touch of romance but Eric is a serial killer which would make anyone put there guard up.

It was a fun read.


Book Review: Dear Diary by Kevia Dauphiney

Dear Diary Book Review
Dear Diary Blurb

I met the author on IG and loved her posts. She’s very open and honest about being a writer & a mother. Her posts made me laugh out loud, more than once.

When she announced she was looking for ARC readers for her novel Dear Diary I was on board. It knew it was going to be brilliant and Kevia didn’t disappoint!


The book is set in today’s world. The MC lives in America with her husband and kids.

Main Character

The main character is an overwhelmed mother of four kids. She’s a strong Christian (or at least tries to be) and she home schools. The diary is her ramblings as she off loads all the drama placed on her shoulders.


This story is an easy read. Many mother’s would be able to relate to the drama that unfolds in the diary entries. It felt like I was reading a real diary. The way it’s told made me laugh out loud.

I gave it 5 stars although I wished some diary entries had been shorter as my little ones interrupts me a lot. But, it’s easy to get into and I’d definitely recommend it.

This should be a staple gift at every baby shower to really prepare new mums of what to expect in an entertaining way.


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