Blind Tiger by Rachel Vincent

Author: Rachel Vincent

Blind Tiger

This is the second book in The Wildcat series. Please click here to read my review of the first book “Lion’s Share”.

This title can be read as a stand-alone title so you don’t need to read the previous book in this series, however, if you do, it will help you understand the ‘shifter’ world.  This is my review.

What is the book about?

This book is about Robyn, the first known case of a female surviving scratch fever and her adapting to the shifter world.  Robyn is feeling like a bit of a prisoner at the home she cannot leave during her training and sees an opportunity to escape.

Titus is a stray Alpha, seeking recognition for his pride by the council. This will enable strays to travel more freely around America as currently they cannot enter certain territories.

Skip to ”What did I think” to avoid spoilers.

How it starts

Discovering his stow away, Titus knows this is not going to bode well for his struggle to gain recognition for his pride.  He informs the council and agrees to return Robyn in 2 weeks.  He promises to keep her safe whilst in his care.

The middle

A newly infected stray is brought to Titus’ home.  They wait for the stray to shift so they can get the scent of the person that infected the stray which is a crime, punishable by death unless it happened as self defense.

When the stray shifts, the scent smells like Titus.  Titus cannot deny the damming evidence. He steps down as Alpha as he knows the council will not accept a pride run by a law breaker. He appoints a new alpha and decides to take off to give the new alpha some space to rule.

Robyn sense that Titus didn’t do it but it doesn’t make sense why the new stray has his scent.  Robyn insists he must take her with him – as he swore to the council he would protect her.  Titus confides in her that he is worried that his brother has been infected and is responsible for the new stray.

Titus and Abby then take off to find his brother, Justus and reveal who actually is responsible for this mess. Whilst working together things get hot between the two even thought there are a lot of political barriers as to why they can’t be together.

How it ends

When Abby & Titus finally catch up with Justus they discover the scent of the infected is Titus’ best friend who he has left in charge of the pride. His now ex-friend has been manipulating everything to get Titus exiled and to take over the pride as the new Alpha. He tries to kill Titus with a gun but Abby is in cat form and rips out his throat. During the investigation Justus accidentally killed people as he didn’t know what he was doing & Abby killed the ex-friend before he could stand trial for his crimes. The council set their punishments and Titus will lose them both. At the last minute they discover a loop hole in the laws and Abby & Justus join the Stray pride instead of going back to the council for punishment.

What did I think

This title wasn’t as steamy as the first.  Robyn is attracted to Titus (and vice versa) but she isn’t interested in being used to boost his position in the shifter world by being his dam.

The book is very much about the two discovering clues and uncovering what really happened and locating Justus.

The ending is was very satisfying. I felt everything was resolved and there was a decent amount of action throughout.

I would recommend and I look forward to reading more of Rachel Vincent’s books.

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