A week of celebrations

This week has been full of celebrations and it’s just the start of more to come.

Guy Fawkes Night

Every year, in the UK, on 5 November we celebrate Guy Fawkes night.  Often, the fireworks take place on the closest weekend to enable people to attend.

Traditionally, people create a ‘guy’.  This is like a scarecrow and will be thrown onto the bonfire.  Then fireworks are set off.

This was Aria’s first firework display and I was so pleased that she loves them as much as the rest of the family.

The story behind this celebration is a little odd.  Guy Fawkes was a Catholic that was trying to blow up Parliament and the King in hopes that a new Catholic leader would take the throne. His plot was discovered and Guy Fawkes and his accomplices were tortured and killed.  It’s rather strange that this has become an annual celebration.

My birthday

My birthday is on 7th.  This year, we didn’t really do much to celebrate.  It wasn’t a special birthday and there is so much going on at the moment it doesn’t feel important.


I was happy to get a cake and some flowers.  My husband bought me a lovely warm coat which is exactly what I wanted.  Some people sent me money, so I shall try and treat myself to something nice.

Festival of Light – Diwali

Noah has been learning about India and Diwali at school.  We went to the Library to borrow a book about festivals and we searched the internet.  He drew the flag, traditional Indian dress, we looked at animals like tigers and elephants. He made an elephant out of a milk bottle.

I got to visit Noah at school and saw all the activities they were doing in celebration of the festival which is all about light over coming darkness, and good over evil.  It also involves fireworks.

Diwali has a much better story than Guy Fawkes Night but the date shifts each year depending on the Hindu Lunar calendar.  This year it was on 7 November, although it is celebrated for 5 days.

I decided Diwali was a good excuse to treat myself to a nice candle.  I got the Neom Travel size in Complete Bliss for £16.00.

Although, it is described as being travel size, I think it is a decent size candle.  It filled the room with a gorgeous scent even before it had been lit.  I love this candle and I shall look forward to using it all winter. I’m now tempted to buy more by Neom – their products are a high quality and never disappoint.

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