Review: December’s Pip Box


Here is a little video of me opening my December Pip Box under the Christmas tree.  It arrived on 18 December 2017.


I’ve now had the products two weeks and had a chance to try all but one of them them.  Here is my review:

  • Benecos – natural eyeshadow (rose gold):  As always Pip are brilliant at picking colours – I don’t know how they do it!  They sent me the shade Rose Gold which is a really pretty shade.  This is a great eye shadow.  It will become a staple in my make-up bag.  I would recommend it and I would buy it again.
    • This product was from   from Pravera Direct.  This is the first time I have seen Pip recommend a store (rather than the brand directly).  I love discovering new ethical beauty shops so I’m really pleased.
    • It costs only£4.95.  
  • Tisserand Aromatheraphy – bath soak (rose & geranium leaf): This is the second time Pip has sent me a Tisserand product (last time I got a hand cream).  I prefer the smell of this product.  It has an earthy rose smell to it. It alsogffelt really rich and moisturizing in the bath, almost like an oil.  I really enjoyed this and I’m certain it will get all used up in no time.
    • It costs £10.95.  
  • Bloomtown -100% Natural & Vegan Lip Balm (red & berried):  This is a winter life saver.  It had prevented cracked lips and kept them hydrated whilst in out in the cold.  An added bonus is that it has a subtle red tint to it and smells delicious.
    • It costs £4.80.  
  • Raven Chocolate – Mini Coconut Milk Bar:  This is the first time I got something to eat in my Pip box and I generously offered to share it with my 4 year old.  OMG, I wish I had recorded our reactions.  We DID NOT like this!  We are clearly not ready for vegan, dairy free, sugar free chocolate. YUCK!  I’m glad we got to try it as it enabled me to learn this is not for me.
    • A 25g bar costs £1.95



Still to try

  • Freyaluna Skincare – nourishing face steam (fennel & rose):  When opening my box I had a stuffy nose so I was most excited to use this product.  I had dreams of resolving my nasal congestion and getting a facial at the same time.  Sadly, I got sick and then was rushed by Christmas and visiting family and I’ve just not had any time – aghhh!  I am still super keen to review this product properly soon.
    • You can get a small 5g packet to try for £2.00 or buy a 30g jar for £11.00

The Pip Box Review

I love my Pip Box so much that I’ve decided to cancel my Birch Box subscription.  I prefer the products I get and I end up using them all up (no waste).  It’s great value and I’ve discovered some brilliant new products and brands to love. I highly recommend subscribing.

  • Cruelty free beauty box – £14.99 (monthly), £40.50 (3 x months), +P&P
  • Vegan friendly beauty box – £14.99 (monthly), £40.50 (3 x months), +P&P
  • Follow them on Instagram to be the first to know about any special subscription offers.

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