I did #FebWritersChallenge

The challenge was on Instagram and set by @marielipscombwriting.

I enjoyed the first challenge so much that I decided to give it another go. Here are the highlights from February:

My top three photos from the challenge

These pictures are the ones that recieved the highest engagement on Instagram.

Day 1 #CurrentlyReading

This video clip was viewed over 200 times. It was one of the rare occasions when Aria wasn’t asleep on me so I was able to relax and read my book.

Day 13 #MCsHair

I created this layout using images from my Pintrest board on my main character Mariah.

Day 25 #WhoDoesYourMCAdmire

For this image, I used Unsplash to find an image of someone that looks like Kya. Mariah doesn’t really look up to anyone but she gets envious. Kya is someone she compares heself to and wishes she was more like.

My favourites

I really love how these challenges encourage me to share my writing with my instagram followers and on day 18 I got to post my favourite scene. Initially, I was going to share the underwater kiss as it is the scene that sparked the whole story. As I was looking for it, I decided to go with the moment before when Mariah’s life is changed forever.

Day 18 #FavouriteScene

March Challenge #WomenWritingFiction #WWFChallenge2019

This month I have decided to go with another Instagramers prompts. @Courtnimax has created the following Women Writing Fiction Daily Challenge for March 2019.

I hope you find these examples of the images I posted for February’s prompts interesting and inspiring. If you are a writer on Instagram please connect with me as I would love to see how you share your writing on the platform too.

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Day 5 – Photograph

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