Simply Redheads

I’ve wanted to buy this shampoo and conditioner for years but always held back because it’s not cheap. I finally decided to treat myself.

I discovered the brand on the Ginger Parrot store. A website with news and products for redheads.

Ginger Parrot have bundle deals for the Henna and Horse-chestnut line or Colour Enhancing line. I preferred the Henna and Horsenut as it used more natural ingredients.

I searched for Simply Redheads to learn more about the brand and discovered their new line, Henna and Cherry shampoo. Their products use natural ingredients and free of harmful ingredients (E.g SLES, parabens) and won an award.

Customer Service

I emailed them to get advice on which one I should buy. Zoe replied and was really helpful. Both henna lines were suitable for me. The Cherry has the added benefit of being anti-dandruff and reducing hair loss – neither are an issue for me.

The Cherry wasn’t in a bundle but she put one together for me. When she packaged up the goods, she added two travel size bottles from the hose chestnut line so I could try them too.

I must say, the customer service was the best!

Henna and Cherry Shampoo: RRP £14

Henna and Cherry Conditioner: RRP £14

Bundle (shampoo & conditioner): RRP £22


I didn’t notice much difference whilst using the product but my husband noticed the next day that my hair looked shinier and healthier.

The Cherry isn’t a strong scent. I’d hoped it would be more fruity but it’s very subtle. I guess that’s better than being overwhelmed by a smell.

The henna isn’t strong enough to influence the colour of your hair, just to give you the healthy boost that henna is good for. I once used a henna dye and it was so messy, but this was really easy to use. It is simply shampoo/conditioner.

The bottle is quite big. Despite my long hair, I can’t see this running out soon. It is more affordable than I originally anticipated.

Will I buy again?

I would buy this again. I haven’t tried out the travel size bottles yet and I’m tempted to swap them with the other brand in my hospital bag. I think next time I’ll buy the Henna & horse chestnut as there is a bundle that includes a leave in conditioner and I like the look of that.

Review: Good Bubble Gruffalo

It’s been a tough three weeks without a bathroom.  Luckily we have been able to stay overnight at my mother-in-law’s and there are people with bigger problems so I don’t want to complain.

My son has been really good about keeping out of the workers’ way and not complaining about the noise, mess or disruption – it hasn’t been easy for him.  He would have loved to have given them a hand but it was too dangerous.

I felt he deserved a treat and when I saw Good Bubble had released a new Gruffalo range, I knew it would be the perfect treat.

He was really happy when he saw his new products sporting the Gruffalo, one of his favourite storybook characters.

The Review

Here is what I thought of the new line and the yummy fruity prickly pear scent.

  • Bubbly Gruffalo Bubble Bath (£3.99):  The bubble bath made a decent amount of bubbles and smelt delicious.  We have had the bubble bath before in Dragon Fruit and CloudBerry.
  • Grubby Gruffalo Hair & body wash (£3.69):  It was easy to get a lather and my little boy was confidently by washing himself. We have had the wash before in Dragon Fruit and CloudBerry.
  • Little Softy Moisturiser (£3.99):  This is new to the brand and an excellent addition.  My little boy loved having his first body moisturiser. At first, he thought it was a hand cream until I encouraged him that he could apply it all over.  This was easier for him to use than their Organic Coconut oil (£7.99).
  • Grizzly Mane Detangler (£3.99):  He doesn’t have long hair that tangles but he does get flyaways so I decided to give this a go to see if it helped tame the problem.  I think it has worked.  It smells really good and can be used on dry hair so we are using it to freshen up between hair washes.

Dragon Fruit was my favourite but now it is the Gruffalo prickly pear.  We will, definitely, be buying this again.

I was only able to get this range direct from their site but I’m hoping Sainsbury, Ocado and Holland & Barratt will get some in stock soon as they sell the rest of the range.

 The Good Bubble brand:

  • Organic (98% naturally derived ingredients)
  • Cruelty free
  • Recyclable packaging
  • No tears
  • Suitable for newborns and sensitive skin
  • Allergen-free
  • No nasties (Free from sulfates (except detangler), silicone, parabens, PEG, phthalates, artificial colour)
  • UK production

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