How to get free baby stuff

Here are the things I have managed to get for free for my baby and how:

Emma’s Diary

Signing up to their site gives you generic info on how your pregnancy is progressing based on your due date.  They also have printable money off vouchers for Argos and regularly have online deals by other brand.  It is worth checking their site before buying something.

In addition, everyone who sign up gets a voucher to collect a pack of products from Boot/Argos for different stages of their pregnancy.  Here is what mine contained:

Emma's Diary - pack 1

Pack 1:

  • Leaflets by sponsors
  • 2x Pregnacare Original prenatal vitamins (19 in each box)
  • Bepanthen nappy cream
  • Lansinoh Ultra thin, stay dry nursing pads (2 pack)

Emma's Diary - pack 2

Pack 2:

  • Leaflets by sponsors
  • Pampers premium nappies size 1 (22 in pack)
  • Aquafresh Milk teeth toothpaste
  • Lansinoh Ultra thin, stay dry nursing pads (2 pack)

Emma's Diary - pack 3

Pack 3:

  • Leaflets by sponsors
  • Pampers premium protection nappies size 2 (3 in pack)
  • Aquafresh Milk teeth toothpaste
  • Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bags (2 pack)
  • Fairy non-bio liquid and fabric softener

Baby Box University

By watching some videos on safe sleeping (very useful) and answering some questions, you then qualify for a free baby box (might be limited to certain areas of the UK).   You can collect the box for free baby box or pay p&p to get it delivered. I paid £5.99 to have mine delivered as the nearest collection point was quite drive for me.

Baby Box

Here is what I got:

  • Information pack on safe sleeping in a zipped bag
  • A baby box (safe for baby to sleep in)
  • A mattress
  • A mattress sheet
  • A light blanket for baby
  • A vest

Sample product

Some brands sell a sample of their product so you can see the quality before buying. You will likely need to pay p&p to receive the item.

I did this with The Finnish Baby Box company who create ‘everything you need for baby in one box’ (48 items of high quality Scandinavian style clothes and other useful products for baby’s first year).  The contents is gender neutral but they will ask about when the baby is due and the climate so they can tailor the contents to be suitable for the right times in the year.

The long sleeved vest I received is really cute and feels lovely.  I am very tempted to treat myself to a whole box, however, the box isn’t cheap… then again, it is a years supply of unisex clothing to get you started.

Finnish baby box

Enter competitions

This does rely on luck and doesn’t guarantee you will win. I entered via Instagram with brand The Little Art Collection and won this beautiful poppy design bamboo muslin for my baby girl (due in August).  The muslin is retails at £12.50 and my prize included P&P.

I love it so much I bought an expecting friend a swaddle in another design.  I’m also tempted to buy more… so beware, if the products are good you will be tempted to start spending.

Free giveaways

I missed this one but on Facebook Lidl were giving away their own brand, Lupily, of nappies for free in sizes 1, 2 and 3. Usually, their nappies only cost 86p for a pack so they are really affordable. However, when something is so cheap people are dubious about whether they will work?

Speaking to friends who use Lupily about the effectiveness have found them great. One friend uses them during the day on her toddler and both day and night on her newborn. She swears by the whole Lidl baby range and has saved a fortune.

I guess this is why Lidl gave them away for free, to spread the word that their affordable baby products work! For 86p you can’t really go wrong.

During my last pregnancy, lots of baby brands offered free products if you signed up to their newsletter. I loved my weening guide by Hipp Organic and the little cow toy from Cow & Gate. All the newsletters had bite size tips to help busy mums get the info they need and money off their products.

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Ally plus text

Free resources for blogging

These are the free resources I used to get me started blogging and continue to use.

Blog site

First, you need to decide on your platform. Over the years I’ve used Tumblr, Blogger, Weebly and all have been great and free.

My current favourite is Word Press. It also has a great app that is easy to use so I can make a start on my posts and publish, wherever I am.

I’ve even been thinking about paying for Word Press because I am loving it that much.


I was late to discovering this app and site. The service is free (you can pay extra for more features). It checks your text and advises on spelling, grammar and punctuation. I don’t always have time to use it but posts I thought were fine have still thrown up some mistakes. It’s not easy to use on my mobile though so I only use it at my PC.


This free online calendar has a function where you can schedule tweets which I have found incredibly useful. It only works on the PC.


This site (and app) enables you to create social media images – I’m talking blog titles, novel covers, infographics, Pinterest, Facebook cover, Instagram pic, flyer, invitation, etc.

There is also a handy app for making pics so you can create whilst out and about or using pics straight from your mobile.

Google Drive

I have a spreadsheet with ideas when to schedule my posts from (although, in the future, I may use Google calendar for this). I can save articles I’ve written too and back up photos from my phone (including Canva images I saved).


I jot down useful info like blog post ideas or favourite fonts on Canva, etc. Everyone needs a note.


What do you use?

I hope you like the resources I use and hope I’ve introduced you to something new. Do you use any of the above? What are your go to resources for blogging?

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Create with Canva Beginners Course Review

What is Canva?

I must confess I am in love with Canva and been using it for a few months.  I started off using it on my laptop and then I discovered there is an app.  Now I can use it anywhere.

Canva helps you create visually effective images for a wide host of reasons.  I used it a lot to create my blog titles and images for tweets and Instagram.  I also have used it to create a party invitation for my son’s birthday party.  I discovered the site via Wattpad when looking for software to create a novel cover.

Here are some examples of what I have created:

What is Create with Canva?

This company is currently offering a free beginners course for people that want to get better at using Canva.  They also have a resources page with useful information and recommendations for blog host sites and other courses you can pay for like how to earn from you blog with affiliate marketing.

Free Beginners Course

I found the course via Twitter and enrolled.  There are five lessons and each lesson is delivered daily to your inbox.  The lessons are bitesize YouTube videos and just 5 minutes long.  You can join their Facebook page to have access to the course in full right away.  Here is what I think:

Dashboard tour: 

This is sent out with the ‘welcome’ email and is an introduction to Canva.

Lesson One: Working with templates, text and color

This covers the basis of using the templates on Canva.  How to amend the template and colour theme.  How to edit the text, add more text and resize.  I thought I knew most of this simply from using the site but they did teach me a new trick – spacing!  Everything in this class used the free features in Canva.

Lesson Two: Working with images in Canva and uploading your own images

This was about using the images in Canva and how to add your own.  Again, I thought I had this sussed but they taught me some new tricks.  I make use of the free images in Canva (there is a vast collection), however, I didn’t know that some of the free images are cropped and you can change the cropped area and use some of the hidden parts of the picture!  There were other tricks they taught that I expect I’ll be making use of in the near future.

Lesson Three: Working with free photos, frames and grids

This lesson started by introducing collages – a feature I have never considered using (seriously missing out).  They taught us how to use different photo layouts from scratch and for Instagram.  Finished with how to use and edit backgrounds.

Lesson Four: Working with shapes, lines, illustrations and icons

This started off nice and simple with adding elements to your design.  I haven’t really used this part of Canva and through watching the lesson I saw how useful they can be.  Gillian also covered some useful time saving short cut keys and how to group objects.

Lesson Five: Getting organized in Canva, creating templates and batch producing designs

This was incredibly useful and I haven’t used any of the features covered.  I learnt how to create a brand theme in Canva (rather than saving notes on my phone), how to sort my files in folders on Canva and how to make a batch of designs.

Would I recommend the course?

Yes.  It starts of quite easy so it is suitable for absolute beginners. It also is likely to uncover a trick that you haven’t worked out on your own, enabling you to get even more out of Canva.

When I signed up, I was worried that it was going to be five lessons telling you why you need to buy the premium service but it didn’t. Every feature I was shown how to use was using the free features available to everyone.

I honestly don’t know how Canva do it. If you haven’t got an account on there you need to go create one.

Presenter – Gillian

The course is presented by a lady named Gillian who has a nice clear voice that is easy to understand and not irritating. You don’t see what she looks like as the video is showing what is happening on the screen.



Create with Canva: