Useful hashtags for writers (part 1) – writing groups

If you’ve been following my blog you may have noticed that this year I’ve been really enjoying Instagram. I recently achieve 3,000 followers and I created next months #WIWOctober photo prompt for @worldindiewarriors.

My idea for this post was to share my personal collection of hashtags but as I started writing it I realised it was getting too long! So, I have broken it down into a series of posts.

I am going to start off with tags associated with writing communities I have connected with via Instagram.

Tags for writing communities

There are lots of people looking to connect on Instagram. Here are some of my favourites and tags associates with them:

World Indie Warriors

This is a great group for any creative or indie looking to collaborate and make meaningful connections. This supportive group share tips, resources and support each other’s growth.

Follow @worldindiewarriors and join their group on Facebook. Use hashtags: #wiw #worldindiewarriors

Founder @michelleraabwrites also encourages the use of the hashtags #readersheart #everyonehasastory

Hustling Writers Community

This group is aimed at anyone that aspires to be an author but has to juggle writing alongside other commitments making your dream the side hustle. There are people working full time, studying, parents, carers etc but they are all dedicated to squeezing writing in wherever they can.

Follow @midnightstarlightwrites and become part of her group on Facebook. Use the hashtag #hustlingwriterscommunity

Fellow Creative Minds

This is a networking group to connect creatives together. There is a good mix of artists, writers, musicians, etc. If you would like to meet fellow creatives follow @lizthewritingwiz and join her Fellow Creative Minds group on discord. Use the hashtag #fellowcreativeminds

Authors Challenge 2019

Follow @debratorreswrites and pm her to take part in her monthly challenge. She will add you to an IG chat group so you can get to know other authors taking part in the challenge.

Use the hashtag #authorschallenge2019 and post pictures for the daily picture prompt.

Tags for Wattpad

One of the most popular online platforms for sharing writing is Wattpad so it is no surprise that people are posting to IG about it. You don’t have to follow @wattpad but it is a great way to stay up-to-date regarding the platform.

If you are a Wattpader (reader/writer) here are some tags you may find useful.

#wattpad #wattpadstories #wattpadwriter #wattpadquotes #wattpadmemes #wattpader #watpaders #wattpadbook #wattpadcover #wattpadstory #wattpadauthor #wattpadlove #wattpadislove #wattpadlife #wattpadnovel #wattpadreader #wattpadbookclub #wattpadaddict #wattpadlover #wattpadlovers #wattpadteenfiction #wattys #wattpadrecomendation

If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the rest in the series.

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