Day 1 – Love Letter

Pintrest - Poem April 1.pngDedicated to Noah

To my son

I wish for you

With all my heart

For happiness

In abundance

Make memories

Try new things

Make friends

And take chances

Never believe

The hateful words

The spiteful

Things People say

You are perfect

Smart and amazing

In every single way

Never dull your shine

Find the beauty

In all you do

Follow your heart

And have fun

Be confident and be brave

Always try your best

Reach for your dreams

Rise above the rest

We’re all unique

So be yourself

I’ll help you

Overcome self doubt

Most of all I wish

Above all else

I want you to know

Forever you have my heart

Love mum

Author note

This is my first poem in ages and I wasn’t sure where to start. I used the NaPoWriMo prompt ‘love letter’.

I like poems that rhyme and aren’t too long. I thought about writing something soppy, picturesque or fictional. Then I decided to write something for my son who really has stolen my heart. 💜

I hope you enjoyed.