Naty Ambassador

What is it?

The invitation to be a Naty Ambasador came up on Instagram and the timing couldn’t have been better as I was looking at my nappy options.

Anyone can sign up to become an ambassador and there is no obligation to buy their products. However, to gain the rewards of being an ambassador you will need to spend money as it is in the form of generous discounts. Here is what you get:

  • 65% off their diaper bag (full of products to start you off)
  • 10% off your first order
  • Free shipping when you buy two or more products
  • Quarterly exclusive limited offers for ambassadors only

I signed up and this is what I received:

Diaper bag (changing bag to UK residents):

Diaper bag (with free products): RRP £79, ambassador price £35

The bag

I don’t know the individual price of the bag but it is:

  • GOTS certified organic cotton
  • Internal pockets for everything
  • Stroller attachable

The bag is a dark Khaki green canvas style material. The clasp slide through a loop so will be quick to open when you need something inside. It feels of good quality.

The stroller attachment is on a Velcro loop. You could use it to attach thinks you don’t want to lose, like car keys, and tucking it inside.

Internally there are nine pockets, labelled up to help with organising the contents. There is a pocket for your mobile, sunglasses, nappies, food, nappy bags, wipes, wallet, clothes and bottle. I’ve not tried out the pockets yet to see if they are big enough. The food one looks small, perhaps it’s only intended for cutlery and bibs. There appears to still be a decent amount of space in the middle.

To start you off, the bag comes with the following products:

The nappies: RRP £6.25, free with diaper bagThese nappies are what inspired the brand 22 years ago! Landfill is full of plastic nappies that can’t biodegrade and are a real problem. In addition, mainstream nappies are full of harmful chemicals. Naty devised a nappy that only uses natural ingredients and is gentle to your babies delicate skin and biodegradable! Rash cream: RRP £5.15, free with diaper bag I think you can see from the picture all the reasons that make this nappy cream special. There is a long list of no nasties. It is a certified natural and organic product. Once baby is here, I probably won’t use this right away as I try to put off putting any products on my baby’s skin as long as possible. It will be handy to keep – I remember when Noah was teething, he got sore. I’m sure I’ll need something for baby number two when that happens and this product ticks all my ethical boxes. Baby wipes: RRP £2.95, free in diaper bag These sensitive (unscented) wipes are safe to use on a newborn. However, I will use cotton wool and water for as long as I possibly can. I will pack this is my changing bag in case I’m somewhere that I can’t do that. These wipes are also environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable. They were the first brand to be Vincotte certified which is the highest standard for renewable raw ingredients and very difficult to achieve. There is a good article by Thames21 about how wet wipes are polluting our rivers and contributing to the micro plastics problem. Click here to read the environmental impact of using mainstream wipes over an eco alternative like Naty. Magazine and crown: price unknown In the bag is a magazine all about the brand. It tells the story of why it began its mission 22 years ago to develop a brand that is kind to children but also the environment. It details all the innovative products they’ve added over the years and it’s turns out that they do a lot more than just nappies. There’s a double page spread detailing all the certification and awards they have achieved (Vincotte, SSNC, FSC, Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association, GOTS) to prove their eco status. The crown is a little cardboard for your little prince/princess and printed on it says ‘King of Nature’.

Using my 10% off

Disposable bags: RRP £2.50, Ambassador price £2.25

With Noah, I rarely used nappy bags. I would use the sticky tabs to fold the nappy up and make a sealed parcel and put straight in the bin. Sometimes, there wasn’t a bin and I had to take my stinky parcel with me.

I don’t like nappy bags as they are more plastic waste and another layer that’s filling landfill.

When I saw that Naty had a biodegradable alternative, I was keen to buy. I will be selective about when I use them (i.e. a real stinker and no bin nearby). I’m pleased they can biodegrade and I feel better about using these.

Would I recommend?

The products certainly meet all my desires where the environment is concerned. I feel happy about using this brand on my baby. The little lady hasn’t arrived yet so she’s not tested them out but I have high hopes these will get repurchased.

Naty has a subscription service that allows 15% off and is for all customers (ambassador or not).

I think the benefits of being a Naty ambassador are awesome. I’m glad I signed up and would recommend it to anyone interested in supporting or trying out an eco friendly brand.