NaNo Progress Diary (the end)

Thursday, 29th November 2018


I am super tired and it would be so easy to quit right now.  I’m feeling pretty defeated with about 8k to go and only today and tomorrow to achieve my goal of 25k.

But, I am no quitter!  If I don’t make it, I’d rather know I tried my absolute hardest and achieved my best than to cop out.

So, I managed to get about 500 words done in the day and then tonight, I added some more, making today’s contribution 1,520 words, taking the grand total to 19,645 words.

I’m not feeling confident that I’ll reach 25k but 20k looks doable and that would still be a great achievement.

Friday, 30th November 2018

11:50pm 5457

Today, has started with a goal of 5,452 words to achieve my NaNo goal of 25k this month.  It feels impossible with my daily average not peaking 1k and my best ever not even being half of today’s goal.  I shall do my best to have a word marathon today and finish with as many words as I can.

Our boiler has gone, so I’ve cancelled my plans and had to stay in for the enginereer.  This has given me the perfect excuse to spend all day in front of my laptop, whenever Aria naps.  As a result, I got 700 words written.

Then, when I collected Noah from school, we got home and did his homework together.  After, he asked if he could go on his Kindle and I could go on my laptop.  Well, I wasn’t going to argue with that and managed to add another 700 words to the total.

Tonight, I bathed both the little ones in the hope they would fall into a deep sleep so I could get on with my writing – it worked!  But, when I got downstairs my husband’s best friend was round and chatty.  I chatted with him until I plucked up the courage to be anti social and dedicated to my art and sat at my laptop – luckily he is lovely and a great supporter of my writing.

Finally, I get writting and I’m thiniking 4k to go is not going to happen.  Twenty minutes in and my husband’s best friend asks what I am writing and I quickly explain NaNoWriMo and when I check my word count, I have only 3k to go!  If I can keep that up, maybe I can do it.

I find myself word count watching and the closer I get, the more i am checking.  The more I am checking, the more pressure I am feeling.  The more pressure I feel, the harder it is to write.  Then, Dabble Writer bursts into fireworks to celebrate me reaching 25k.  I did it!  I can’t quite believe it but I have.

Today, I have written 5,457 words (my highest daily word count ever) making my grand total 25,005 words.  I have now achieved the 25k NaNo Badge!

Reflecting on NaNo

I am so proud of myself for my achievement.  I know I didn’t do the full 50k but I did achieve my goal of 25k and got a new NaNo Badge.  Plus, I now have a new daily word count best that is going to be a hard one to beat.

My husband’s best friend was cheering me on which was a great help. Afterwards he asked, “What goal will you set next?” I’m not ready to answer that yet as I’m exhausted and relieved it is over. But, I am going to set some soon, as it does help.

My motto for this NaNoWriMo is “You’ve got to be in it to win it!”  If I hadn’t tried, I would never have made it. There were plenty of occasions I felt like giving up and wondered why I was even bothering when my chances looked so bleak. But, I proved myself wrong and it feels great!

Did you do NaNoWriMo?  How did you get on? If you like this post, then you may enjoy reading about my NaNoWriMo Project or read my NaNoWriMo diary entries for Week One, Week Two, Week Three or Week Four.

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