My everyday makeup

I’m in such a rush in the mornings that my makeup routine has to be quick. The best way to speed things up is to reduce the number of products that I use. Currently, these are the makeup products I use everyday.

Nui Cosmetics

I use their liquid foundation in the shade Intense Kanapa (RRP £42). What I like about this product is you can build it up. It also dries to give a natural matt look. 

Vapour Organic Beauty

I love all vapour products but have to budget buying them. This concealer in 010 (RRP £24) is my favourite as it gives full cover but is soft and creamy so doesn’t look dry and caked on. I think the moisture helps imperfections heal faster too.

Tarte Cosmestics

I have two palletes and this one has more subtle colours which is perfect for day time as I don’t want to look too done up for a school run. This pallette is Rainforest of the Sea volume III (RRP £30).


This mascara in shade Abyss is black and waterproof (RRP £15.49). With all the changing hormones post pregnancy, this has been a blessing.


I love these lipsticks and my current shade is Noble (RRP £25). It’s a brick red (slight orange tone to it). Not only do I use this on my life but I add a little to my cheeks as a sheer blush and I’m good to go.

Here is me in my everyday make up. My hair is a mess as I’ve been running around with the kids and Aria likes to pull hair and put banana in it. A mums life is oh so glamorous -lol.

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My gifted makeup haul!

I am one lucky girl. My husband spoilt me at Christmas to lots of makeup from my wish-list.

Here is what I got:

Two eyeshadow palettes from Tarte:

The differences between them are explained below but I wanted to cover what I love about both of them, just once.

The palettes feel very strong and sturdy. I’m not sure how deep the pans go, but potentially they could be very deep.

I love the big mirror in the lid. I think it slightly magnifies my face so I can see myself more easily.

Both palettes come with a leaflet giving two example looks that can be created and instructions on how to achieve it.

Tarte: Rainforest of the sea eyeshadow palette volume II

This palette is able to create everyday looks or dramatic evening looks. As I don’t get out much in the evenings, I’m choosing to use the darker shades to softly line my eyes. There’s a mix of matte and shimmer shadows.

Tarte: Rainforest of the sea has highlighting eyeshadow palette vol III

This palette has lighter shades and good for daytime looks only. All the shades have a shimmer. Although, I don’t find this palette as exciting, I do feel it is more practical for my lifestyle and will get used more.

Tarte: Lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara

So far, I am getting on alright with this mascara. Any mascara makes my lashes look better (or at least visable). It hasn’t irritated my eyes or left smudges or flakes under my eyes. I like it.

Tarte: Rainforest if the sea radiance drops

I had no idea what this was when I added it to my wishlist but it’s a best seller and I was curious. I’m still not sure even now I have it – lol.

It comes out on a pipette and is an oil. The oil has a gold shimmer to it. Is it skincare, makeup or a hybrid of the two?

I’ve been dabbing it on like a highlighter and like the effect. It makes my skin look healthier like I am glowing.

Two Axiology lipsticks

Before I go into the shades I want to tell you why I love these lipsticks.

Firstly, they contain no harmful ingredients. They do not support animal testing at all. They are certified vegan and don’t use palm oil.

I love the lipstick cases. You push the base and they pop up. It’s so satisfying! They look beautiful and are recyclable.

Axiology: Lipstick – The Goodness

This was my most used lipstick of 2018 and it ran out. I’m so glad to have it back. I’m sad I caught the tip in my excitement getting it out and now already looks used.

This lipstick is a shimmery nude shade. It’s just for lips but I like putting it on my cheeks too as a highlighting blush. It is very pretty and natural.

Axiology: Lipstick – Worth/Radiance

This will be my lipstick on 2019! It is an orangey red shade on me and looks gorgeous. It’s quite subtle and sadly doesn’t last long so needs to be reapplied but it is such a pretty colour. I love it.

Nui Cosmetics: Liquid foundation – Intense Kanapa

This is my favourite organic foundation. I apply it with my fingers or a sponge. You can build it up easily to get the coverage you need and has a nice smell to it.

Would I recommend?

Yes! My husband has done really well. I am so happy with this haul which will keep me going during maternity leave.

Everything feels good on my skin, doesn’t irritate and looks awesome. I feel excited to do my makeup and play with my new products.

Have you tried any of the above or get any new beauty products for Christmas?

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Happy #LittleMermaidDay – Check out these mermaid beauty products!

Being a redhead, I have always had a love for the Little Mermaid, ever since Disney released the movie.

It was one of the first films I watched at the cinema.  It was my birthday and my mum took me and my best friend.  Before the cinema we went swimming and pretended to be mermaids.  Afterwards, we ate at McDonald’s who had Little Mermaid toys and we both got Flounder.  It was late night Christmas Shopping and the Body Shop had just opened.  Mum treated us to a bar of soap and when we got home, my best friend and I had a bath together.

I’ve continued to love mermaids and if you follow my blog you’ll know I have even written a YA novel about one.  

Today is Little Mermaid Day!

To celebrate, I thought I would share with you my wish list of mermaid themed ethical beauty products.

Captain Blakenship – Sea Salt Shimmer Spray

What could be more mermazing than a spray to add some glitz to your tresses.  It uses all organic ingredients and will add texture as well as shimmer and can be bought in gold, silver or rose-gold.  Buy the Captain Blakenship Mermaid Magic Shimmer Set from Jolie for £23.40.

They also do a mermaid dry shampoo, hair oil and face mask.  

Tropics Skincare – Blue Lagoon Blemish Prevention Skincare

This is a brand new product to this ethical brands collection!  Mermaid’s need flawless skin to capture sailor’s hearts. With a name like ‘blue lagoon’ it’s a siren call to your nearest ambassador or visit their site – costs £42.

Bellapierre – Eye Shimmer Kit in Deep Ocean

I found this gorgeous kit on Naturismo for £29.99 (worth £81). This kit makes uses of blues and complimentary shades, perfect for fans of the ocean.  The brand uses natural ingredients for their pigmented mineral products.  

100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Mermaid Palette

If blue is not your thing then this alternative eye palette with shades of coral, gold and green might be more your thing. The fruit pigmented palette costs £45.26.

Tarte Cosmetics

This cruelty free brand has so much for mermaid lovers to choose from. Here is a small selection of their fintastic products:

I hope you have the best Little Mermaid day and I would love to hear about your MERchandise 😉 

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Dry eyes

This is just a short post. I planned to photograph my old foundations and write a review on them all as an ultimate guide for pale skinned girls. Sadly, that wasn’t meant to be.

My dry eyes

Instead, I’ve been suffering with dry eyes. It feels like I’ve got something in my eye and they are on fire.

Sun lotion

At first, I thought it was sun lotion so bought a sun lotion specifically for face use. I was in a rush so I bought Malibu from Savers. It was only £2.99 and came with a lip balm. I’m not sure it meets with my ethical standards as I was in a rush but it works and it is budget friendly.


Then, I thought perhaps I had suddenly become sensitive to my mascara so I ordered a trusted old favourite (Pacifica’s water resistant one). Lucy Rose Biz had an offer on where I got a free BB Cream if I spent £30 so I bought two mascaras (one black, one blue).


Next, I thought I had hay fever as my eyes kept watering. The pharmacist said I couldn’t take anything whilst pregnant. She suggested rubbing vaseline on my nose. I don’t use vaseline. Instead, I use Akamuti’s petroleum free jelly.


Whilst seeing the Optician, I asked if they had any tips. The Optician looked at my eyes and told me she didn’t believe I have hay fever but dry eyes. She explained that after a long winter and sudden heat wave, my eyes couldn’t keep moisturised. This made sense as it was really bad on the super hot days. She gave me eye drops called artificial tears which has provided some relief.


As a redhead, I’m used to shunning the sun like a vampire but my eyes have never been affected before.

The sun is making my eyes so sore. I treated myself to two massive sun hats from Primark (I don’t usually wear hats) and have my eye on another one from the British Heart Foundation charity shop.

My husband bought me some lovely big Lipsy sunglasses which have also helped as they are so sensitive in the day light. I feel like a vampire.

Pregnancy and dry eyes

I searched ‘Dry eyes and pregnancy’ and found it is caused by the hormones not creating tears like they usually do. It often happens during the 2nd or 3rd trimester and affects a second or greater pregnancy. Usually the symptoms go after pregnancy – let’s hope so!

Tips to deal with it are:

  • Drink more water
  • Avoid screens (Tv, PC, Tablet, Kindle, Mobile, etc)
  • Avoid air con
  • Use a humidifier
  • Wear wrap around sunglasses
  • Use artificial tears
  • Eat omega 3 (salmon, mackerel, walnuts, flax seed)
  • Use a face mist

Seriously thinking of getting a face mist and have me eye on the Caudalie one.

As a result, I haven’t written the post I wanted because I’ve been resting my eyes. Screens irritate them as much as the sun. I now drive with a tissue to dab my tears.

Here’s a pic of me out for dinner this weekend and not writing!

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NUI Cosmetics Beauty Review

My husband spoilt me and Christmas and bought this foundation and lipstick from my wish list. I’ve used the foundation every day since and I’m now waiting for payday so I can buy some more.

About the brand

Nui cosmetics are from Berlin, Germany. They produce natural and organic beauty products that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

My products were purchased from Glow Organic (Brighton, England). This is my go-to online store for organic makeup.

About the foundation

  • Name: Natural liquid foundation
  • Shade: Intense Kanapa
  • Cost: £38

The foundation isn’t the cheapest I’ve bought but it is well worth its price tag.

It is the perfect shade for me and I love how I can build it up where I need it. It goes on easily like a liquid foundation but dries with the longevity of a Matt foundation. It doesn’t sit in creases and looks very natural. It has a sweet scent to it making it a joy to use.

I apply with my fingers or a sponge. I like the little cap (lid) that clicks on to prevent the foundation coming out when not in use.

About the lipstick

  • Name: Natural Lipstick
  • Cost: £23
  • Shade: Aroha

You need to be confident to wear this lipstick every day as it is a daring colour. True red is a tricky colour to find in organic brands but Nui has done it!

It’s quite a nourishing lipstick and feels lovely on your lips, however, this means it doesn’t last long and needs to be reapplied during the day.


The only downside of the foundation is I didn’t know I was about to run out until it did. 😱

As I had already been on a hefty shopping spree this month (probably the biggest in a decade), I had no budget left to repurchase. I had to wait until payday. 😱😱

Surprise:  Luckily, my husband knew it would make me very happy to surprise me with my favourite foundation. Upon seeing me trying to use up samples I had, he ordered it without me knowing. 😍

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