Day 9 – Big/Small

It is funny how something so big

Can fear something so small


Look at the elephant and the mouse

Or a spider discovered in a human’s house

The little creature barley makes a squeak

But Elle toots and humans scream


Marvel at the brave plover bird

Would you dare step into a crocodile’s jaw?

Winged creatures birds, butterflies and bats

Striking fear alongside snakes


We push these little creatures out

Taking over their habitats

Day 9’s challenge

For Day 9 the challenge was to “we challenge you today to write a poem in which something big and something small come together.”

Where did day 9 go?

My day vanished yesterday. I worked late. Then took longer getting my son to bed because he offered to tell me a bedtime story about a mermaid and it peaked my interest that 1. He had tried to think of something I’d like, 2. His tactics to stay up later and keep me with him. So, I humoured him and he told me a story with mermaids, spiders that steal keys and sharks that are friendly. Then I had a bath, watched an episode of Magicians and it was time to sleep – no time to write a poem had presented itself.

I had an idea to do something about a fairy and a dragon but the poem just didn’t happen…

It will be just as busy today but I am determined to catch-up. Here is my belated day 9 poem and I shall try my hardest to write another today for my day 10 poem… wish me luck…