Day 16 – Play

When I first approached this task I thought of Peculiar Pets by Victoria Roberts. It's a picture book about a little girl that wants a pet but her mum says "We'll see" whenever she asks. The little girl creates pets out of bits and pieces around the home. It is a delightful read about a child's imagination and creative play.

Day 15 – Grim Reaper

I've made it half way through, learnt more than I expected and feel motivated that I can make it to the end of 30 days. Today’s challenge is to write a poem that shows the human side of a villain. I chose the Grim Reaper.

Day 13 – Idiom

Today, you get two poems because I wrote "Bear in mind" on Opus a few years ago and I think it is perfect for the prompt. However, the challenge is to write a poem a day so I also wrote a new one.

Day 8 – Magic

I loved this challenge and had so many ideas, I couldn't focus. I thought about a statute coming to life, that is the perfect manly figure, capturing the hearts of women but he can't be touch or you'll turn to stone and he has a graveyard of statues of women that hadn't been able to resist him.  I will save that story idea for another day... Click to read the magical poem I did write...