Apps for Writers — Ally Aldridge

My smartphone is always with me and as a result it gets used a lot for my writing process.  Today, I shall share with you the most useful apps for writers.

These recommendations are for for both iOS and Android operating systems. 

Productivity apps


This app is used the most.  I jot down ideas I have during the day for my stories or potential stories.  It can include character development, research or even ideas for blog articles.


I use this app for creating to-do lists but also found it useful for developing plots because it is so easy to move the items in the list up or down.

The above are quick easy apps you can use all the time, however, if you are collecting research, then you will appreciate apps like Evernote, Google Keep and OneNote.  

These apps enable you to take snips/clips of information you have found on the internet. You can then sort this information into an order that works for you and include your own notes.

Writing apps


If you need feedback from readers on your works, this is a great app to use.  You can write and edit within the app too.  You can save works as drafts or private.

Similar apps are:  Movella, Radish and Opuss (iOS only).

WordMicrosoft Word

You can use MS Word on the go.  However, I don’t tend to use this app very often as I get frustrated by the limits placed on the mobile version and would rather use Wattpad.


Google Doc

You can write using Google Docs apps.  It is a simple word processor with the same features you’d expect from Word. The docs save automatically to the Google Drive – you need a google account to use this.

Blogging apps


I used the blogger app for a while I liked how it linked to my Google+ account.  I stopped using Blogger early this year when I converted to WordPress:


This is my current blogging app.  I usually blog at my PC/laptop.  However, when I am out and about I enjoy how easily it is to read other blogs and share them.

Social apps

As mentioned above at ‘Writing apps’, you have Wattpad, Movella, Raddis and Opuss.  These are great sites to connect with your readers and get their feedback and create a fan base of followers.  It is also a great opportunity to meet other writers and support each others development.

You can also connect using any popular social media app.   I share my writers life via Twitter, Instagram and Google+ and LinkedIn.  You can also use Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube.


Don’t forget that blogging can be social too as you can meet other bloggers through comments and follows and discover their content too.

Storage apps

You upload your document to OneDrive or Google Drive and then can access them anywhere online with your login.  You can also invite others to view your documents by email and manage permissions.  These drives also have a few apps built in to enable you to create basic documents like word processing, spreadsheet or presentation.


Needs a Live, Outlook or Hotmail account.


Google Drive

Needs a google mail account.


Resource apps

This is my top dictionary/thesaurus app – yes, its a thesaurus too!  I like how it is easy to search for a definition.  You can save words and they have a word of the day to boost your vocabulary.

Browser (with search engine)

Your smart phone will likely come with a browser built in and a default search engine.  You can go to the app store and choose a browser that suits your needs. There are browsers that block adverts or keep your privacy.

I enjoy using the Safari browser on my iPhone and searching using google.  I use chrome on my Samsung with google for searches.

Downloading apps to your Smart Phone

To download iOS apps to your apple device you need to access the iTunes store.  To download apps to your android device you will need access to the Google Play store.

Please let me know if there are any apps you find useful that I haven’t included as I am always keen to add more to my smart phone to make life easier.

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