Felixstowe Book Festival is nearly here!


I can’t wait!

I have bought a ticket to an event and plan on attending some of the free activities. I will attempt to fit in as much as I can.

I love that each year the festival gets bigger and the events get better. Here is a flashback at my posts on previous years to give you an idea of what to expect:

Alywn Hamilton Tips.png

Alwyn Hamilton talked about her book Rebel of the Sands being traditionally published and gave great insight into the process and what to expect. She talked enthusiastically about her novel and gave some teasers of what is coming soon. I think everyone bought a copy.

Writing Picture Books.png

Top That Publishing gave an amazing talk on the picture book publishing industry and truly demonstrated their breadth of knowledge. I still have my PowerPoint slides from the event.

Top That Publishing also ran a free Arty Mouse event which my son loved.  Children were encouraged to try out their interactive activity books – I ended up buying two (review coming soon).

This year

I am confident it will be another amazing year as there really is something for everyone and I promise to share with you what I get up to this year.

Are you going or wish you were going? Let me know which book festivals you recommend.

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Felixstowe Book Festival! I’m going – are you?

What is Felixstowe Book Festival?

Usually the event is split between two venues (Felixstowe Library and The Orwell Hotel).  Although, these two venues will host most of the events, new venues have been added.  All across town, their are workshops and author talks for anyone introduced in books and writing.  Each event, isn’t that expensive, from free to about £10 – you did need to buy tickets.

I’m going – are you?

So, I’ve been most years to the festival since it started 6 years ago and look forward to going every year.  Each year, the festival gets bigger and better.  I tried to make a spreadsheet of what events are on and where and IT’S MASSIVE!

As of 31st March 2018, the tickets for Felixstowe Book Festival became available to the public to buy.

Highlights from last year:

Alwyn Hamilton at Felixstowe Book Festival 

Alwyn gave some great insight into the traditional publishing route for writers.  She talked about what went into naming her novel, the movie right and so much more.  She was an engaging and likable author who spoke enthusiastically promoting her book.

What you need to know about Children’s Picture Book Publishing

Simon and Dan were like a tag team delivering their well prepared talk.  They shared so much on what goes into publishing a picture book and had prepared a presentation for all the participants (a copy I still have).  This was a great talk for illustrators and writers alike.  These guys had a wealth of knowledge and the time flew by.  We all would have happily spent the day with them absorbing all the information they had to offer.

What’s on offer this year?

Check the programme on the Felixstowe Book Festival website and book tickets.

Here is my attempt of trying to put the activities into a spreadsheet (many of the events fall under more than one category):

  • Green – workshops
  • Purple – fiction talks
  • Brown – history/non-fiction
  • Red – crime fiction/non-fiction
  • Pink – poetry
  • Blue – other events

Felixstowe Book Festival programme

Wednesday, 27 June 2018/Thursday, 28 June 2018/Friday, 29 June 2018

Felixtsowe Book Festival - Weds Thus Fri

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Felixstowe Book Festival - Sat

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Felixstowe Book Festival - Sun