My best kept writing secret of last year (Happily Ever Author)

I discovered this group through a connection I made on Instragram. I am so pleased that I decided to check it out and join.

About Pagan Malcolm

She is a YA Fiction writer that has published several books. She is also the founder of Paperback Kingdom and Facebook group Happily Ever Author.

About the Facebook groups

Happily Ever Author is a group run by Pagan on Facebook. She posts prompts to get authors to socialise and share what they are working on and to set goals. She sometimes gives prizes (I got a YouTube guide) and sometimes she promotes her books and other group (Paperback Kingdom).

Paperback Kingdom is a Facebook group linked to services she offers such a course, 1:1 coaching, etc. I can’t tell you much more as I’ve not paid for the additional content.

About #NewYearNewNovel

Pagan set her Happily Ever Author group members a challenge in December to start doing the prep work for a new novel in 2019. This was supported with videos where she shared her tips and techniques for doing this, from how to come up with a story idea, outling, character development, etc. These were really useful and I would like to watch them again.

Although, all I have written is the opening to my story (Scarlet House), I do feel more prepared and clearer about what I will be writing. I can’t wait to finish my current editing project so I can start on a brand new novel for 2019.

Have you discovered any awesome writer groups online?

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