My Favourite Vegan Perfume

I am a big fan of Eden Perfumes in Brighton. One day I’d love to visit the store.

In store you can create your own perfume blend using vegan ingredients.

The Ugly Truth of High Street Perfumes

Regular high street perfumes have lots of peculiar things in them like:
  • Civet: Anal secretions from a cat like creature.
  • Ambergris: sperm whale secretion from the bile duct.
  • Musk: animal anal secretions.
  • Castoreum: beaver anal secretions (aka artificial vanilla).
  • Hyraceum: fossilised badger urine.

I don’t know about you but bile, urine, and anal secretions do not appeal. I discovered what these ingredients are whilst hunting for an organic perfume.

Welcome To Eden

Eden Perfumes are organic where possible, but 100% cruelty free and because they are vegan they don’t have any of those questionable ingredients above.

If like me you can’t get to the store they are able to recommend perfumes similar to a high street perfume you may already know. This makes buying online easier.

Chloe was my favorite perfume so the first thing I did was search for something similar. They recommended:

085: Chloey

It smells as good as the designer one, if not better. Since trying this, I haven’t looked back.

The price for all this goodness is very reasonable at only £18 for 30ml or £24 for 50ml.

If you’ve not checked them out I highly recommend you do.

They used to do mini bottles spray bottles which were perfect for trying a new scent or for travelling.I was disappointed to find they aren’t currently doing this as I thought it’d be fun to try something new.

Well, I managed to track some down on the associated shop for the Cruelty Free Beauty Box.

I bought:

015: Adore Women similar to J’Adore by Dior

017: Light Blue Woman similar to Light Blue Women’s by Dolce & Gabbana

These minis cost £7.50, full size is £18 at the associated shop for the Cruelty Free Beauty Box. They had more scents available too.

I’m a fan of both these designer fragrances so it was no surprise I liked the vegan equivalent at first whiff. It was tough to choose which to buy full size, but I went for 015 and treated my hubby to 151.

151: Light Blue Man similar to Light Blue Men’s by Dolce & Gabbana

I love Eden Perfumes and won’t buy high street again. I’m tempted to get get more minis so I have a variety.

My only complaint is that the bottles look identical so I can’t tell at a glance which scent is which.

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