Tropic Opportunity Night

Opportunity Night

My local ambassador for the brand posted on Facebook that Tropic was holding an event nearby for everyone to get together and learn more about the brand (there would be freebies).  I decided that as the venue was easy to get to, it would be fun to do something grown up and for me.  Together with a friend, on Tuesday, 15 May 2018, we attended to hear about how Tropics began.

The story

Susie Ma (the founder and creator) has quite a humble beginning.  She moved to the UK and as a teen, she’d help out her mum at Camden market selling toys. Her family came from Australia and enjoyed creating their own beauty recipes with natural products.

One day, Susie bought some jam jars to market and mixed up a batch of her moisturiser and sold it at the stall for £20 a pot (this was a few decades ago and even for London that isn’t cheap) and they sold out fast!  Susie and her family realised that she was onto something and she had to make more.  Susie kept selling her jar until she had enough to help her mum buy her first home.

One of her friends told her about a TV show called The Apprentice where you pitch your product to sponsors.  Susie got on the show but didn’t win. However, Lord Alan Sugar’s wife was so taken by the cream he was encouraged to reach out to her to work on a deal.

Most retail products have to be filled with certain chemicals to retain their shelf life.  Susie didn’t want to do this as she wished to keep the products clear.  This caused a problem and they had to find another way to market the brand without retail.  Susie then went with a social selling platform.

She didn’t want her ambassadors to feel pressured into sales as she was confident her products would sell themselves.  She allows her employees to work flexibly – they can work as much or as little as they want or are able to.  This is very appealing to people with other commitments (like parents or carers) or those that wish to wind down but can’t get their state pension because the government have upped the age.  It also appeals to those that love beauty and want to support an ethical brand.

Susie likes to reward all her ambassadors and there are prizes for her team at whatever level they are at.  The ambassadors who came to the event shared with us their experience of the Glammies, free holidays and other perks for hitting a target.  All of them spoke about how they don’t feel pressured or tied in.

We were told Susie is in the process of revamping the makeup to give it a new look.  There are lots of people speculating that her next project will be a baby and child range.  Although, many guests shared what products they already use on their kids (for example, the Frangipani body wash).


I must admit, after hearing the heartwarming story of how Tropics began and Susie’s values, I love the brand even more.  I was very tempted to sign up as an ambassador but I am about to go on maternity leave so I think it is best I simply continue as a loyal customer for now.

If you have the ‘Think Dirty’ app, you will see that this Vegan, Organic and Cruelty-Free brand’s products are rated ‘0’ (the lowest) toxic level.

If you haven’t tried Tropic yet, you really should check them out.

My story with Tropic

If you follow my blog then you’ll be aware that I do love Tropics Organics. My first purchase was the Tropic Travel Essentials Set.  This set came with:

  • Smoothing cleanser (50ml)
  • Vitamin toner (30ml)
  • Skin revive (15ml)
  • Organic elixir (10ml)
  • Lip love balm (10ml)
  • Bamboo face cloth

All the items fit in the little travel cotton bag that comes with the set.  RRP £28

I went on to buy the full-size versions of the cleaners, toner and moisturiser.  When I placed the order, my local ambassador had a deal on.  Everyone who placed an order that week got added to a raffle and they got 10% of all orders placed off their bill. This resulted in my getting most of my order for free!

My husband stole the moisturiser (RRP £22) and when it ran out he had the cheek to ask me to buy more.  So, when I placed my order, I decided to treat myself to the Soothe The Senses body oil (RRP £28).  My wedding flower was Frangipani so I’ve had my eye on this for a little while.   Once again, my local ambassador had a deal on!  When I received my order, I had a travel size version of the Wild Mint, Lime and Pineapple body wash and body puff.

My husband and I fought over who the body wash belongs to (friendly banter) and when it ran out my husband placed his own order for the full-size version (RRP £10) and treated himself to the Awaken Your Senses body oil!

My next purchases will likely be one (or more) of the following:

  • Mini Body Wash Collection – RRP £14
  • Frangipani, Star Anise and Tiare Flower Body Wash – RRP £10
  • Mini Tamanu Balm – RRP £16
  • Clear Skin Blemish Fighting Mask – RRP £16


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Review: Tropic Skincare

About Tropic Skincare

Tropic is a natural, vegan and cruelty free skincare brand.  Like Avon, the brand enables people to become reps and sell the products from the comfort of their home enabling them to earn whilst juggling other commitments like raising a young family.

I’ve been a fan of Tropic for a while and this isn’t my first or second purchase.  I’ve befriended one of the product representatives on Facebook called Sabrina Ward and follow her on Instagram (@Tropic_Luna).  This enables me to keep up with the latest offers.

What did I get?

My husband has stolen my Skin Revive moisturizer and had the cheek to ask me to buy him some more!  I decided this was a good excuse to spoil myself with the body oil I’ve had my eye on for a while now.  I saw a free gift offer was running.

Body oil – Soothe Your Senses RRP £28

Although, Tropic do parties (like Ann Summers), I just don’t have the social circle to have one so buying this oil was a gamble as I had never sampled it.   What captured my attention was the ingredient ‘frangipani’ which was my wedding flower.

The oil has not disappointed.  It is really beautiful with a flower floating inside the bottle.  The oil smells amazing with a tropical floral scent that is very relaxing.  It rubs in quickly.

Moisturising Cream – Skin Revive Nourishing Cream Concentrate RRP £22

I originally bought this as part of a skincare set (Travel Essentials) and found it to be really good.  I then re-bought but recently I have been trying out some other moisturisers from my subscription boxes and I guess it gave my husband the change to try it.

It is a light day cream and works well under make-up.  My husband likes it because it isn’t tacky feeling.  You can read my original review of the product and the others in the travel essential kit by clicking here.

Body wash (free gift) – Wild mint, lime and pineapple RRP £10

The deal was that if you spent £50 you would get a free gift – so I had to get my oil 😉

My free gift was this wild, mint and pineapple body wash which has a lovely zesty smell that is great to use to wake you up in the morning.  My husband and I have been arguing over who the free gift belongs too (me).  It also came free with a pouf puff.

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NUI Cosmetics Beauty Review

My husband spoilt me and Christmas and bought this foundation and lipstick from my wish list. I’ve used the foundation every day since and I’m now waiting for payday so I can buy some more.

About the brand

Nui cosmetics are from Berlin, Germany. They produce natural and organic beauty products that are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

My products were purchased from Glow Organic (Brighton, England). This is my go-to online store for organic makeup.

About the foundation

  • Name: Natural liquid foundation
  • Shade: Intense Kanapa
  • Cost: £38

The foundation isn’t the cheapest I’ve bought but it is well worth its price tag.

It is the perfect shade for me and I love how I can build it up where I need it. It goes on easily like a liquid foundation but dries with the longevity of a Matt foundation. It doesn’t sit in creases and looks very natural. It has a sweet scent to it making it a joy to use.

I apply with my fingers or a sponge. I like the little cap (lid) that clicks on to prevent the foundation coming out when not in use.

About the lipstick

  • Name: Natural Lipstick
  • Cost: £23
  • Shade: Aroha

You need to be confident to wear this lipstick every day as it is a daring colour. True red is a tricky colour to find in organic brands but Nui has done it!

It’s quite a nourishing lipstick and feels lovely on your lips, however, this means it doesn’t last long and needs to be reapplied during the day.


The only downside of the foundation is I didn’t know I was about to run out until it did. 😱

As I had already been on a hefty shopping spree this month (probably the biggest in a decade), I had no budget left to repurchase. I had to wait until payday. 😱😱

Surprise:  Luckily, my husband knew it would make me very happy to surprise me with my favourite foundation. Upon seeing me trying to use up samples I had, he ordered it without me knowing. 😍

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Review: The Pip Box (February)

What is The Pip Box

It is a monthly subscription box full of cruelty free beauty products. If that’s not enough to make you feel good, they also donate a portion of their profit to Animal Free Research UK from each box sold.

What did I get?

Here are my first impressions of the products that I’ve been testing out since I received the box about a fortnight ago.

Day cream

Dr Botanicals:  Kale Superfood Nourishing Day Cream

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 
  • UK (London based)

This product claims to improve the appearance of skin whilst providing nourishment.  The main active ingredients are Kale (vitamin C & E) and Cocoa Butter.

Review: I’ve found this cream to be light.  It doesn’t have a scent.  It dries fast so I can put makeup on immediately afterwards.  It is a small tube so I’m not sure how long this will last but the product cost is the price of the subscription fee so I’ve already got my money back with this one item.

RRP £14.90


Johnny Concert:  Amplified eyeshadow (Tainted Cupcake)

  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 

This brand prides themselves on being diverse and creating a brand everyone can use to express themselves (reminded me of Illamasqca).  The shade Tainted Cupcake is a champagne pink with rose gold. It can be applied dry or wet for a more intense pop of colour.

Review: The eyeshadow has a shimmer to it so if you are not into that this then the shade is not for you.  The shade chosen is a safe choice for most people but if you fancy something more daring they have some bolder colours on their website.  It also came with a free brush which I really like.

RRP $15.00 (about £10.86 by exchange rate on 4 March 2018)


Akamuti:  Face Mask (Chocolate Marshmallow)

  • Natural
  • Sustainable ingredients (and Fair Trade)
  • Recyclable
  • Charity (support The Orangutan Land Trust )
  • Handmade
  • No preservatives
  • Cruelty free 

Above is just a snippet of all the goodness this brand delivers.  One of the first The Pip Boxes I received contained the ‘Green Clay’ face mask, I then went on to buy more products by the brand (a body oil and their petroleum free jelly).

Review: I haven’t had a chance to test this yet but I have previously used their green clay version.  It is a power mask and you have to mix it with water to create a paste.  If you enjoy making your masks then you will love this.

I prefer my masks already made so I wouldn’t have chosen this for myself but I am looking forward to trying it out because I know this brand always delivers and the mask will be effective.  You mix up what you need and there is enough that you will get plenty of uses out of the pot making it very cost effective.

RRP £4.95


Naissance Journal:  Argan Oil

  • Soil Association Certification
  • Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 

I struggled to find the product on their website but other oils in the same packaging were the organic certified oils.  I expect they have just not updated the product images yet on the site and this is new packaging.  There was a wide range of products on their site and gift sets for people who like making beauty products like bath bombs etc.

Review: My skin really does love organic oils.  Since receiving this, I have been putting it on before bed.  You only need a little bit to cover your face and it dries quick.  There were also instructions on how you can use the oil for your hair or mix it to make a serum.  I’m not keen on the smell of the product – it smells like cooking oil.

I will use it up but not sure I’ll re-buy.  I am interested in trying their bath salts…

RRP £4.99

Matt lip

Medusa’s Makeup:  Lip Paint (Cowgirl)

  • Vegan
  • Cruelty free 

This brand is difficult to get in the UK but not impossible, however, I had trouble finding a supplier that sells all the shades of lip paint yet so this is possibly a new line.  The product is a liquid lipstick with a matt finish and stays on all day.

Review: The shade Cowgirl is not for me.  I put it on and it is a pale nude colour that made my lips look like they had no colour and I am a red lip girl.  However, I couldn’t get it off and realised I was stuck with the shade all day unless I wanted to start my make-up over.  I went out in it.  It did last all day.

I am very tempted to get this matt lip paint in another colour because I love the fact you can put it on and forget about it and as a busy mum, doing my makeup once is about all the time I’ve got.

RRP $12.00 (about £8.69 by exchange rate on 4 March 2018)


JOM Organic:  Organic Candy (Fizzy Caramel)

  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • No palm oil
  • Free from: Gluten, GMO and Nuts

JOM stands for ‘Just One More’ and the brand is appropriately named.

Review: So, I opened the packet to show the sweets and tried one.  Before I had even uploaded the pic to Instagram, the contents was gone.  Honestly, I meant to share them with my husband and son but they really were moreish.  I highly recommend!

I can’t wait to order some more of these and try other flavours.

RRP £1.25

Share to social media

Currently, boxes contain a card encouraging consumers to share pics of their box and contents on social media and how to tag to enter the monthly raffle. If your pic is chosen, you win your next box free. It’s rewarding that this support and loyalty is recognised by The Pip Box.

I take pics every month because I love my The Pip Box. I then use my images on my blog.  This month, I won! So, my March box will be free and the contents will be worth £65!

I’m no professional photographer. I just took pics with my mobile. This shows anyone can win. So, if you buy The Pip Box, don’t hesitate to share your joy with pics. Do it, tag it, and you may just win it.

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Review: What’s in my Pip Box – January

It’s been a busy couple of days but I’ll leave that for another post.  Due to my schedule, I did struggle to have time this week to film my Pip Box unboxing and take photos of the content.

What was in the box?

Draft design idea.png

As usual, Pip did not disappoint.  They had a good range of different products and most by brands I have not tried before.  Here is what I got:

This is  powder face mask that you mix with water to use.  The size in the box is a small sample size.  I’ve tried it before in Balm Balm’s Starter Kit (£15.50).  This was the first organic skincare brand I ever tried because I loved how affordable and effective it is and it initiated my love for organic products.

I’ve always wanted to try their Frankincense and Tea Tree range.  They also have a mother & baby range.

This is  a new brand for me.  I love the sliding tin with the lip balm and it smells delicious – vanilla is one of my favourite smells.  Their site offers free deliver on all UK Orders and they have a lot of other very desirable products that now have me tempted.

This body wash smells lush but on top of that it scores all the goodness points for being organic, vegan, cruelty free and doesn’t contain any of the bad stuff.  It’s sustainable and 100% biodegradable.  Their products uses Ayurvedic ingredients suitable for treating a range of sensitive skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.

  • Medusa Make-up, Witch Lash Mascara:  RRP £25.49 (converted from US Dollars $36)

The mascara has a simple brush that is easy to use.  I’ve had no issues with this smuging or flaking  – it stays on all day.  This is a vegan cruelty free brand that have a vast range of beauty products.  I addition, the brand do their own subscription box where for about $15 you can recieve three to five full size products.  This is a great way to expand your make-up collection if you are venturing into Vegan or Cruelty Free products.  They have some beautiful metallic shades.

  • Optiat, The Hungover Coffee Scrub (Potent Peppermint):  RRP £9.99

The scrub is dark brown (almost black) in colour which surprised me – I guess its the coffee.  The minty scent was refreshing.  Sadly, this one is not for me…  I have a friend that loves body scrubs that I am going to give this him.  Scrubs just aren’t my thing.

The brand name stands for “One Persons Trash Is Another’s Treasure” and was inspired by the coffee waste filling landfills and wanting to find a solution – a natural beauty product.  If you want an environmentally friendly brand then this is a good one for you to consider.

Pip Box Jan contents.png

What is The Pip Box?

Pip is a cruelty free beauty subscription box.  The boxes contain a range of products from makeup, skincare and body care that are all not tested on animals.  In addition, they donate 50p from every box sold to an Animal Friendly Charity.

It’s a great way to discover new brands and new products in an affordable way.  The contents is always worth more than the subscription an contains a varied assortment.

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Review: December’s Pip Box


Here is a little video of me opening my December Pip Box under the Christmas tree.  It arrived on 18 December 2017.


I’ve now had the products two weeks and had a chance to try all but one of them them.  Here is my review:

  • Benecos – natural eyeshadow (rose gold):  As always Pip are brilliant at picking colours – I don’t know how they do it!  They sent me the shade Rose Gold which is a really pretty shade.  This is a great eye shadow.  It will become a staple in my make-up bag.  I would recommend it and I would buy it again.
    • This product was from   from Pravera Direct.  This is the first time I have seen Pip recommend a store (rather than the brand directly).  I love discovering new ethical beauty shops so I’m really pleased.
    • It costs only£4.95.  
  • Tisserand Aromatheraphy – bath soak (rose & geranium leaf): This is the second time Pip has sent me a Tisserand product (last time I got a hand cream).  I prefer the smell of this product.  It has an earthy rose smell to it. It alsogffelt really rich and moisturizing in the bath, almost like an oil.  I really enjoyed this and I’m certain it will get all used up in no time.
    • It costs £10.95.  
  • Bloomtown -100% Natural & Vegan Lip Balm (red & berried):  This is a winter life saver.  It had prevented cracked lips and kept them hydrated whilst in out in the cold.  An added bonus is that it has a subtle red tint to it and smells delicious.
    • It costs £4.80.  
  • Raven Chocolate – Mini Coconut Milk Bar:  This is the first time I got something to eat in my Pip box and I generously offered to share it with my 4 year old.  OMG, I wish I had recorded our reactions.  We DID NOT like this!  We are clearly not ready for vegan, dairy free, sugar free chocolate. YUCK!  I’m glad we got to try it as it enabled me to learn this is not for me.
    • A 25g bar costs £1.95



Still to try

  • Freyaluna Skincare – nourishing face steam (fennel & rose):  When opening my box I had a stuffy nose so I was most excited to use this product.  I had dreams of resolving my nasal congestion and getting a facial at the same time.  Sadly, I got sick and then was rushed by Christmas and visiting family and I’ve just not had any time – aghhh!  I am still super keen to review this product properly soon.
    • You can get a small 5g packet to try for £2.00 or buy a 30g jar for £11.00

The Pip Box Review

I love my Pip Box so much that I’ve decided to cancel my Birch Box subscription.  I prefer the products I get and I end up using them all up (no waste).  It’s great value and I’ve discovered some brilliant new products and brands to love. I highly recommend subscribing.

  • Cruelty free beauty box – £14.99 (monthly), £40.50 (3 x months), +P&P
  • Vegan friendly beauty box – £14.99 (monthly), £40.50 (3 x months), +P&P
  • Follow them on Instagram to be the first to know about any special subscription offers.

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