I have so many ideas and some books are almost finished first drafts. Here is a glimpse at the many stories swimming around in my head.

Other Projects

The Soul Heart series.

Ocean Heart is the first book in this series. Sky Heart will be book two, and is fully drafted and being prepared for publication. Forest Heart has been plotted, and I’ve started writing it. There are two prequels that have been drafted – Summer Heart and Dark Heart. Look out for a Kitsune, Luna’s tale, astral projection, a witch and snake shifters. Some of these will be novellas.Tinsel Tiger

This picture book is written I just need time to query. If I decide to self-publish, I will need to find an artist.  

Scarlet House

Is a paranormal erotica – is that a genre? This is will be a dark steamy NA romance with vampires. I started work on it during Camp NaNo April 2019. It involves vampires, friendship, and addiction.


This futuristic fantasy is one I’ve started lots of times but not got right. It is set in a world that’s been polluted by magic and fairy tales are prophesies of what’s coming.  

Daisy Chain

This is a YA contemporary fiction story about friendship and bullying in the digital age.

Magic Three

I don’t have a title and I’ve not started this yet other than ideas.  Will be about three witches and their demon. This story has been capturing my daydreams during 2024. I’ve started jotting notes about witchy things that I think would be fun to include in the story.

Gargoyle School

This is a plan for a middle-grade fantasy book aimed at boys. It something I think my son would enjoy.

A Poetry CollectionI once was an active contributor to an app called Opuss and was one of the first featured poets. I kept many of the poems and hope to one day create a poetry collection. In fact, Tinsel Tiger is an adaptation of one of these.

The Deadly Unseen

A dystopian novel about a virus that changes the dynamics of the world as we know it. Although, Covid squashed this idea. This idea has started to be revisited as I’ve been toying with the idea of a romance set during a zombie apololypse.

A Fae X Little Red Riding Hood Retelling

Little Red Riding Hood was always my favourite fairytale. One day I would love to do a retelling, and I’ve had an idea of doing one that will mix with witchcraft and faeries. My imagination for this was sparked by reading April Grace’s Cinderella retelling, and the Cruel Prince series.

The Green Children of Woolpit

This is my favourite local legend, and I would love to one day right a period romance inspired by this tale.

Rendlesham Alien Romance

As a teen, I loved the Roswell TV Show. Well in Suffolk, Rendleshame Forest is our UFO hotspot. I’d like to write a fresh alien romance story set in Rendlesham but not sure what the plot will be. It’s just an idea right now.

Landguard Sci-Fi

If you ever come to Felixstowe you should visit Landguard Fort. It has a wealth of history. Surrounding the fort is a lovely nature reserve and a great spot for vessel spotting. Yes, I said vessel spotting. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Off the coast of Felixstowe is Sea Land. I think I can’t place the science facility on Sea Land but what if there was a similar island just off the coast, and they were testing on humans to make people with superpowers (a bit like Stranger Things). Some drunk teenagers are messing about by the ruins around the fort, when I strange girl comes out of the ocean. She is naked and they decide to look after her. Only the next day, the town is swarming with agents trying to find her. Their friend who vlogs, is going live when the agents smash into her room to arrest her. The rest of the gang take this as the signal they need to go on the run to keep the girl safe – a bit like that TV show, Hunted. But, that’s as far as I got. It needs more plot.

Ghost Hunters Vloggers

A bunch of teens have a YouTube channel where they are trying to prove ghosts are real. A new girl joins their school and tells them about an abandoned village near where she used to live. The teens decide they need to do a road trip to this place as they think it will get them the content needed to go viral. This village is the real deal. It turns into a gruesome nightmare trying to escape the cursed town of ghost witches. A bit like a modern Blair Witch Project, but gory like Wrong Turn. I don’t this one will be aimed at teens although the main characters will be teens.

Many More:  These are just the stories fighting for my immediate attention. I am trying to stay focused on one project at a time to get them completed. I used to write multiple stories at once and would never finish them. I have so many other ideas too. I’ve always wanted to write a story about faeries or dragons so there’s scope there too.