For my birthday (in November), my husband treated me to a lipstick and a lip crayon by organic beauty brand Axicology and I loved them.  Working off his previous success, he bought me another lipstick for Christmas.

I thought it only fair that I share these with you so you too can discover this brilliant brand.


Axiology is a brand that makes natural organic lipsticks that are vegan friendly and cruelty free.  Their packaging is from recycled paper and made by women in Bali giving them employment opportunities.  Plus, they donate a portion of their profits to charities that support the welfare of animals like PETA and Orangutan Foundation (so it’s ginger friendly).

By buying their lipsticks you are helping reduce pollution and support women in Bali and raising funds to support animal friendly charities.  Wearing lipstick has never felt so good.


Lip Crayon

Bliss is a lip crayon.

Bliss:  Is a summery coral so I haven’t worn it much yet.  I have found the crayon more drying than the lipsticks but I’ll probably wear it in the summer.  It costs £23


Goodness and Fundamental are both lipsticks.  It costs £24

Goodness:  This is a nude colour and very natural.  It has a hint of gold shimmer to it and is very hydrating.  You could easily wear this colour everyday but if you wanted to make a statement the colour would be too subtle.

Fundamental:  The first time I wore this colour to work, I got so many compliments.  It was great.  It is a darker and more daring shade than I’d usually wear but I’m so glad I braved it because it is now my favourite.

The case

I have never been so impressed by a lipstick case.  The outside has a brushed gold affect.  You push the base and then it ‘pops’ and your lipstick unlocks, you slide the top off to reveal the beautiful polished gold lipstick inner tube.  I made a little video on Instagram to show it off because I love it so much.  Please check it out below to see what I’m talking about.

I discovered the brand via the online organic beauty store Glow Organic.

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