Have you heard the terms Beta reader and ARC reader. Ever wonder what they mean? Here is a simple info graphic breaking down the difference.

Another term occasionally used is Alpha Reader. This is someone who reads a very early draft. Usually it is someone who is known personally by the author.

Beta and ARC readers might be voluntary or a paid service.

My Beta Readers

My goal was to be seeking Beta readers by the end of February. Unfortunately, I am still editing so this is more realistically going tao be end of March,

My plan is to use BetaBooks. It is a platform where you can share you book and gather feedback from Beta Readers. Readers can sign up for free. Writers can use it for free or pay for additional features.

I want to give it a go is because initially it looks really promising. Of course, I’ll review it afterwards to help other writers decide if it is right for them. Once I’ve used the site I will be able to talk about it in more details.

Please let me know if you are interested in being a Beta Reader and how best to notify you. I am most likely to do a shout out on IG.

My ARC Readers

Currently my plan is to either use BetaBooks to share my ARC or to send it as a pdf document if I or readers don’t get on with the site.

I expect the ARC copy will be in a manuscript format. While they read, I will get it formatted for print and eBook, and once I know the page count I will be able to get the cover finalised.

I am hoping my ARC readers will be able to provide reviews in time for release. It would be a bonus if they are able to highlight quotes from my novel that captures the essence of the book that I can use for marketing.

Please let me know if you are interested in being an ARC Reader and how best to notify you. Again, I am most likely to do a shout out on IG.

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