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About the book

This book is a prequel to the Sorceress of Truth series by J.D. Groom.

Blackpool, 1894, and a deadly creature lurks in the shadows…

Shadows of the Circus by J.D. Groom

My thoughts

This is my first Historical Fantasy. The story is set in Blackpool, 1894, and tells the story of vampire Kylan.

Kylan is working at Blackpool Tower in construction and getting things ready for the grand opening of the famous landmark. He is struggling with managing his vampire urges.

Then he meets Mary, a well established vampire who takes him under her wing and gives him a crash course in control. When Kylan finds Mary in a dangerous situation, the fangs come out and everything is ruined.

Although this novel is a prequel to Sorceress of Truth (YA Contemporary Fantasy), this has a different feel with a male voice, more adult themes, spicy scenes and violence. There is a glossary of Victorian slang at the end, I particularly liked the words for idiot.

Read it for vampires, historical settings, and a little spice and gore.


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